Congratulations Linda Szmoniak on winning the Goodreads Giveaway Rafflecopter drawing this week held my yours truly along with Felicia Denise, A.C. Melody, D.E. Haggerty, and Brickley Jules!  An email has been sent to you, and by all means spend it all in one place!!

Along with the Congrats, a big fat THANK YOU, is in order!  Thanks to everyone who participated in our Goodreads collaboration! Thanks for the follows and for reading all of the facts about us as writers and about our books. We all deeply appreciate the support and interest!  


If you missed our first (and now second) completed #FollowFive collaboration, check out the four other participating authors, because they each bring their own genre and writing style to the party.  A.C. Melody is a hybrid author who is in love with romance/erotica. Brickley Jules offers Contemporary and Erotic Romance. Felicia Denise is killing it in Women’s Fiction, and D.E. Haggerty is best known for her Romantic Comedies.

If I were to win such a gift card I know what I’d be spending it on! (Trust me, my cart is already full, just waiting on such an occasion lol.)



And, stay tuned friends, because I have a feeling you haven’t seen the last of this ridiculously talented and awesome group of five Amazing authors!