30 Minutes Until Release Day, And You Did What?? #writerslife #writersproblems #newrelease

Release day!! Grab your copy, this book it HOT! 😍😍

Author, Kim Knight

I ‘m a complete nutcase! The evening before release day, I turn my attention to my book cover. My hands took on a mind of their own, and I revamped it!  The last one was the first draft, then I wrote the book and never looked back. I can’t even upload the damn thing, Amazon locked my book for changes, until the official release day. But Here it is!

I love designing stuff and drawing. Clothes, shoes anything goes. One day I’d love to design a whole make-up  and clothing range… as well as book covers.  It’s almost release day!! Well In the UK anyway, it’s  nearly midnight.

Smashwords Cover.jpg

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