D.E. Haggerty

Book marketing. The mere thought of marketing my books wants me to run to my bed and hide under the covers. Maybe I’ll even take a nap while I’m there. Anything to get out of having to do the dreaded marketing. Unfortunately, pouting doesn’t help the situation and – let’s face it – marketing is part of the gig of being a self-published writer. I can say I don’t care if anyone buys my books – I don’t do it for the money after all – but that would be a lie. I put months and months of effort into a single book. Of course, I want someone (preferably several someones) to read it! Even better, I’d really, really like someone to enjoy reading it. Sigh. Wouldn’t that be the life?

With everyone from grandma to high schoolers self-publishing books, it’s nearly impossible to get noticed. There are as many…

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