Don’t you worry those impatient little heads, my fellow book nerds! By pre-ordering you can insure this naughty little read will be fresh and ready in your library, the very day it’s available! Kim and I are so excited, and can’t wait to hear your thought on all bonuses!!!


The dream is real and vivid, like a fully detailed memory that he’s lucky enough to experience a second time around. If there were ever a chance to rewind the time, go back and relive a certain day or event, then this would be the exact time Dale would’ve chosen. It was the last day that they’d spent together as a family, before his father’s stroke turned their lives upside down. Perhaps it’s the touch of his mum, passing on this dream as a gift to Dale, or perhaps it’s fate. Either way, it’s a dream that Dale will hold dear for the rest of his life. The very second Violet lets out her last breath of air, and as Dale’s hand tightens around hers in sleep, his subconscious begins to stir.


(If you’re yet to read the first version of stories 1 through 6 in #kdsuspense then you can find them for free on Kim’s blog HERE!)