So, this is me speaking for my future self. As you are reading this post, I’ll be on a houseboat on one of the most stunning lakes that Utah has to offer. Such is the beauty of technology.  Just writing this, I feel like I’m living Back To The Future, speaking for myself in three days from now!  And you as the reader are looking into the past, soaking up a piece of me from days ago… Dun Dun Dun… Weird right!?!

While writing I’m this: I’m sitting at my desk, with the sound of my giggling kids watching the most irritating  episode of spongebob square pants, trying to mimic his laugh no doubt.

While you’re reading this: I’m soaking up the sun (hopefully) and enjoying a nice cold beer in a bikini (covered by a swim dress, because I’m sadly not my ideal weight anymore lol).


Anyhow the point in this time defying post is actually to apologize for my lack of engagement. I haven’t read liked for followed a single blog today (as you’re reading this) and will most likely not tomorrow either. My cell service is shoty, and my vacation is calling me.  I’ll be back to the world of wordpress Monday morning first thing, and I promise to do my best at catching up!

I hope you’re having a nice weekend friends, I know I am… (or will be, or whatever!)