The before and after pictures of writing.

I like to think of my first novel as a before picture. Like I recently found a facial cream that I just knew was right for me and my skin. I took a before picture and then used the cream religiously for years.

My very first draft to my very first novel, was equivalent to the first month of using the cream. It felt right, like I was doing myself good. Yet it wasn’t a habit yet, it was forced and I had no clue how to actually use it right and make a routine of it. I had to make the time, and remind myself to use it daily.

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Slowly over time, acne cleared, wrinkles smoothed, and the tone began to shine. I noticed improvements, words flowed easier, time management slipped into place.  The writing style of my second book was much better than my first. Kind of like taking a mid-regimen picture. Sitting next to the first picture (first book sitting next to the second) you can see a distinctly visible difference. You may not have felt that different all the while using the cream, but in hindsight and comparing pictures the improvement is most definitely visible. Your skin/word flow is prettier.

This point is exciting!!  It’s also a mental turning point. You go from questioning on whether or not its worth it, to confidence that you’re headed in the direction you’re meant to go.  You’re on the right path, you took the right turn at the fork. A weird contentment fills your belly. You want that cream to keep on working its magic and you just can’t even wait for the final results.


So you keep to the grind… Keep writing, keep using that cream, because you know for a PROVEN FACT that someday you will have an after picture that is perfection! It doesn’t mater if its your next book, or ten more down the line. As long as you’re climbing, you’re bound to reach the top.  I came across this quote today and it kind of gave me the reminding booster that I needed to get to it today!!  I’ve slacked off the last week or so, and I can feel it in my skin.

Read this quote and get to it writers!  I know I will!


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  1. Whenever I get stuck, I take out the first draft of my first book.

    After I’m done laughing, I get back to work! 😀 😀 😀

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    1. Hahaha I’m going to have to try that!


    1. Thanks for sharing 🤗

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