Thanks for tagging me as your recomended blogger, Jay! BTW I think your pal has more stuffed animals than my own, which is hard to top. I have a spoiled little beagle named chip, and it seems they’d hit it off very well 😉

This Is My Truth Now

Woof: the sound everyone thinks a dog is making, but in reality, people just have no clue


So listen… Jay/James (whatever you humans call him… he’s Dude to me, sometimes Dad if he’s been nice enough) has been looking a little busy lately, and I thought maybe I should help out with this writing thing he keeps talking about. As you can see in my picture above (BTW, aren’t I adorable?), I’ve decided to takeover his 365 Daily Challenge blog on Mondays for the rest of the year. But don’t tell him. That know-it-all thinks he can do everything, but he can’t. I mean I didn’t get my dinner tonight until 8:50 because he was out late with his friends supposedly doing karaoke. And he hates karaoke. I’ve heard him go on and on and on until the cows come home about how he can’t sing. (But seriously, he…

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