Saints & Sinners. What’s Your Favorite Prompt?

Last chance to vote!!! Tonight the poll will close. Between here and twitter the two leading contestants are Heart Of Gold, and No Panties… Can you tip the scales?

Didi Oviatt -Author

It’s Wednesday that can only mean it’s poll day for our writing prompt challenges. Late last night I posted our back with a bang theme story. You can catch up on that here. This week it’s Saints and Sinners week, what does that mean? I hear you say. Well, below are a few story titles  the winning story titlewill be used as a prompt, to write a story that’s either saintly …. or a little naughty and sinful. Depending on the starting writer’s mood 🙂 .  Next Tuesday you might end up with a lil’ sauce or something a lil’ sweet to read and enjoy. Joins in vote and write with us! We’d love to read your stories.Voting closes on Friday this week. Which one is your favourite title? Will you be a saint or a sinner?

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