Last Chance To Vote this week! What’s Your Favorite Type of Movie Scene?

Drama, Thriller, Romance… We all have a favorite, what’s yours?

Are you a movie lover? For this week’s short story writing prompt, what’s your favorite kind of movie or scene in a movie? Is it action & adventure, erotic, romantic comedy, thriller and suspense… what?? We’ll create this week’s #kdsuspense short story, by starting the story randomly, using the  type of  movie scene with the most votes. We’ve left off a horror scene as … well… we wrote that  genre last week. Did you miss it ? It had blood, gore,sex and more 18 + reading. Read it here.  Thank you for voting! Don’t forget to write with us. We’d love to read your work. Post the link on one of our pages to see.



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  1. Reblogged this on Author, Kim Knight and commented:
    Likes like y’all want us to write a crime scene… I’m excited for this. Do vote if you have a different view…


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