Importance of Short Writing Exercises

Any one person in any profession can tell you that no mater how good you are, you still need the practice. Every. Single. Day.  Small writing practices are vital to the growth of an author. We can’t just pick up the laptop and hash out a novel on any given day. Especially when we haven’t typed out a word in some time. When we let ourselves grow stagnant between projects we get rusty. Our brains get a little lazy.

Hell, even if we’re not between projects. We could be in the middle of something huge with a big fat dead line creeping toward us like that dead girl on The Ring. Crawling from the T.V. with her pale skin falling off and her joints popping out of place with every movement. No matter the circumstance, if we don’t practice meaningless writing here and there, then we can’t effectively execute the kind that counts.

I guess in that sense, you could say that meaningless writing, intended to buff and sand, isn’t so meaningless after all.  So how do we practice one might ask? The answer is simple!  WRITE!  Anything! Poetry is great. Short stories are awesome! Write about how you met your spouse. Or how you will someday meet your spouse. OR spouses if the case may be *wink* *wink*. Anything.

To anyone that wants to be successful as a writer, my biggest suggestion to set aside about thirty minutes a day for practice writing that has absolutely nothing to do with your current project! Do it for the sake of clearing your head from whatever you’re working on, in order to return to it with a fresh somewhat detached prospective. All the while learning and growing and perfecting your craft. Also to improve your confidence as a writer in general. Anyone will write better if they feel capable and prepared as a creative artist rather than someone who’s grasping at straws to form a sentence.

In case your drawing a practice blank: I recently wrote an article with six super easy exercise steps that any writer can benefit from no mater how seasoned or how fresh and new to writing they may be. I urge you to check it out. It’ll help you, it’ll help me. Win! Win!

Anyhow, just for now, if you want to clear your mind and dedicate the next ten minutes of your time to improving yourself as an artist then I urge you to DO IT!  Set your projects aside and do a practice write. It can be a paragraph, or a full page. It can be an actual story or a bunch of compiled gibberish thoughts that you’re throwing out there merely for the sake of improving exactly how you word them. Get into the habit of short exercises now and I promise you’ll thank yourself for it later. I know I do, often!

If you don’t know where to start then write about your breakfast. Have a nice day, and happy writing friends!


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    1. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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