This day has been long anticipated, and so far its everything I dreamed it would be!  I landed a shiny new freelance writing position at a brand spanking new global magazine The Conscious Talk!

I can’t even express how grateful, humbled, and excited I am about this opportunity for learning, self-improvement as a writer, and growth in general! ! AND WE’RE OFF!!




This is a magazine for literally everyone. We don’t sway for any particular religion or political view, and we’re not Hollywood gossip.  The conscious talk is a magazine for intelligent readers of all interests!  We’re actually still looking for more writers, so if you haven’t applied and wish to, then please follow the instructions found HERE!

In our first issue I have THREE published articles, so please check them out!  I’d love the feedback!!!

Gender Discrimination: Didi’s Thoughts

Snippet Quote: ***Recently it’s even reached the powerhouse internet dominating company, Google. Which quite frankly raises an even bigger question, which is:  How many of these complaints/actions are truly validated?***

Six Step Improvement Exercises To Benefit Any Writer

Snippet Quote: ***Writers come in all forms. From inexperienced to extraordinary, covering every topic or genre imaginable– plus some. No matter what the topic at hand, there is a person who can write it. Then there is a person who can write it better.***

Humanities Truths: Miscarriage Awareness

Snippet Quote: ***There’s a distinct difference in grieving someone lost, and grieving someone who never has been. Neither one is easier or harder, they are just different. There is no scale. It isn’t black and white, touch and go. Grief in general (of any kind), is like a gigantic void that’s stuffed with the petulant grayness of human emotion. No two people grieve the same, period.***