When the personal life bleeds through.

That’s me, playing dress up with my daughter. I had a fifty piece box of lei’s that I bought for a themed birthday party and she found it. Yes the party was for me. Yes we had Hawaiian karaoke. And yes I forgot to even bring the lei’s, only half of our grass skirts showed up, and our pineapple vodka dream drinks were quickly put to a halt after an unfortunate BEE incident with in the first ten minutes of mixing them up lol. But all of that is completely beside the point.

Image result for gif of running from wasps

What I’m actually getting at is that I’ve always tried to keep my writing and my personal life separate. But as a part of my new position as a columnist at The Conscious Talk magazine I’ve been incorporating my personal experiences into my work. Until now I’ve never wrote anything besides fiction. Aside from telling about my personal writing experiences here on the blog and bits and pieces of my life through my short story collection The Time Wasters, I’ve successfully kept my day-to-day home life out of the picture.  I don’t believe in sharing images of my kids on any public social media pages, and I always respect my families privacy.  Call me simple or old fashioned, but I really think that’s a HUGE deal! My children’s beautifully innocent little faces don’t deserve to be thrown blindly to the possible threats this scary world can sometimes present.

In the mag I’ve started writing in a few personal sections such as the Sex and Relationship category, and also Parenting and Family.  I was nervous about it at first, wondering how exactly I’d walk that fine line of being personal yet still keeping it as a broad prospective, leaving my husband and kids out of the limelight (as required by house rules as well as my own personal beliefs.)

I’m happy to say that I’ve gotten over my initial nerves, after having written my first few articles on these subjects (that will appear on the 15th and 30th of every month).  I absolutely LOVE incorporating my experiences as a mother and woman. I LOVE that I’m able to actually be a voice and still protect my families privacy successfully!  I’ve really nailed it guys, and I’m so excited to be able to write about my passions! I LOVE that my personal life and true self can shine through in a non-fiction way!  Oh and did I mention that I LOVE this job!!!  If you ever have the opportunity at a freelance job that you’re passionate about then I strongly encourage you to take it! Scared or not, just run with it!!




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