Help Tani Hanes On Kindle Scout! Let’s Nominate A Great Book, Farraway Mist

Kindle Scout is such an amazing program. The books submitted are considered by Kindle first and once in the system they are nominated in by readers votes!!  Awesome! I was recently reached out to by a pretty phenomenal author who happens to have a book up for nomination!!

I’m so excited for Tani Hanes! As some of you know from the reviews I’ve posted from her romance series The UK Crush, as well as joining her Blog Tour, and I even published an article about her books in The Conscious Talk Magazine. (I’ll post links to these reviews and article at the bottom of this post, so you can check them out.)

To get to the point, Tani needs our help in Nominations!!!  Lets help her win this publishing deal with Kindle Scout, because if any author deserves it IT’S TANI!!





Can she fall in love with a haunted man?

Scout Lawson is fleeing an unhappy past, and thinks she’s run as far as she can from Yale University when she lands a job restoring a library in Cornwall, England for reclusive rock star George Wilder, who dropped out of sight after the death of his beautiful wife the year before. As soon as she arrives at his estate, Farraway Mist, however, strange things start to happen. As the couple’s feelings for each other grow, the events become more harrowing, until everything they hold dear is in peril.

Check out my reviews of a few of Tani’s books, as well as my article about the series here:

Seven Book Young Adult Romance Series Worth Looking Into: UK Crush Series, by Tani Hanes

Blog Tour Review Stop: Before The Tempest, by Tani Hanes. (my rate 4 of 5 stars) #blogtour #review #giveaway

Review: Living in the Shallows (UK Crush #1), by Tani Hanes 4 of 5 stars

Review: Diving Deep (UK Crush #2)

Review: Learning to Fly (UK Crush #3), by Tani Hanes

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