A shipment of books was dropped off on my doorstep last night, and I’m absolutely beside myself! Excited doesn’t even begin to explain how I feel right now. It’s kind of weird the way a mix of elated nerves, pride, and strange humility can all braid themselves into ones insides. I absolutely love how the cover to Search For Maylee has turned out!! Pardon my language, but it’s fucking beautiful! Even looking at it next to my other books, it just kind of stands out!!

**breath Didi, just breath**


Trudging down the well beaten path of a writer isn’t always easy. There are so many ups and downs in the writing process, and finding the dedication and balance to keep on moving can be hard. But, it’s moments like these when you get to see your name printed on such beautiful covers and get feedback with four and five star reviews that make it all worth it!!

That, and the smell. I adore the smell of a book. I could totally be happy as that weirdo who sits in the corner for an hour a day, just fanning and shuffling the pages of a paperback, just sniffing lol.. Being able to do that with my own books is oddly fulfilling!

Thank you everyone who has read my book, and who has put it on their TBR’s. I can’t wait for more feedback. This is me, I hope you can see the Thank You in my grateful eyes!