How To Survive Life With Too Many Characters Living Inside Your Head #SundayBlogShare #Writers

Excellent post by Blonde Write More… Lucy, once again you’re positively spot on 😎😊

Lucy Mitchell

It’s not easy being a writer. We find ourselves drawn to tweed based outfits, berets, Twitter, book shops and attractive notebooks. We stare into space a lot, walk around with pencils tucked behind our ears, go a bit crazy after our morning coffee and have intense conversations with invisible folk.

One of the problems a writer can face is that their invisible friends can multiply inside their head at an alarming rate. Once a writer has several stories under their belt, their head can be overrun with fictional people. Overcrowding is not the only issue, fictional characters can also be noisy, disruptive and demanding.

If you are a writer like me, who struggles to say goodbye to her characters once the story has ended, you might find you are living out your life with what feels like a small crowd inside your mind. Has your head ever felt like this…


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