Six Step Improvement Exercises To Benefit Any Writer #theconscioustalk

Writers come in all forms. From inexperienced to extraordinary, covering every topic or genre imaginable– plus some. No matter what the topic at hand, there is a person who can write it. Then there is a person who can write it better. Whether we’re new to the vicious literary game of outdoing one another, or if we’re perfectly confident and seasoned, there are still two things we all have in common as writers. A: No matter how much of an awesome writer we are, we can always use improvement. And, B: We all have some days that are, well, far less creative than others.

If it’s an off day and we’re drawing a blank, if we’re between projects and need a little skill buffer, or even if we’re bouncing around looking for tips because we’re utterly hopeless in terms of focus on our current project, then don’t fret there’s hope. Basically if we’re struggling all around to keep our heads in the game, then here is an exercise to help improve oneself while killing time, rather than an aimless WiFi browse.

Step One: Sit yourself down to that PC and crack open a fresh clean new document to dirty.

Step Two: Find a…..


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  1. Lovely fun tips. Thank you Didi.🌼

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    1. You’re welcome! Hope it’s helpful 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the reblog! 😍

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  2. Didi, Great post! Thank you so much for sharing! Karen 🙂

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    1. Youre very welcome, and thank you! 🙂


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