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  1. I don’t know how Dani finds all these, but she’s brilliant!

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    1. She really is huh!! I love these lol

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      1. I posted a post about that day I had all those crazy guys on social media just now.😂*Creepers of the Internet via Social Media* – Touch My Spine Book Reviews

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      2. LMAO I remember this! God, people are nuts lol


    2. You guys are the sweetest! I’ve saved different ones over time. I have so many I have selected for my blog so will have many more in the future!!! Thank you for all your love and support!!!🤗😗 You guys rock! Also Kim calling me brilliant has me blushing!!!😗😀😀

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      1. they really are the best! I’ll be stealing them for social media too.. just an FYI lol


      2. No problem girl!!! Steal away!🤗😗📚💚💛💙

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  2. Thanks so much for sharing Didi!!! You are badass!😎😁

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  3. raistlin0903 says:

    These are all so very awesome. She keeps finding just the best things and they always manage to put a smile on my face 😊

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