The time has come to stop acting as our own rock to trip on. To run free in confidence without the burden of fearing failure. To teach the next generation how dreams can easily be achieved by actively seeking out the wisest path available… because it IS available. We live in a time that the world is at our fingertips and by using our skills and aspirations in a positive way, we can grasp amazing things with the help of patience and persistence.

The time has come to win some and learn some, because there is no room for loss in a place where there are so many lessons to learn from. It’s time to stop holding ourselves back. It’s time to find a way, and to move forward daily. It’s time to be a better person than we were yesterday, as an individual, as families, as nations, as a planet packed with emotion driven humans. Just think of the limitless achievements we could harness if only we stopped with the doubt and self loathing as a people.

The time has come to be our own person in our own place, and stop comparing ourselves with others. There is a reason they are them and we are we. The time has come to focus on today, by reaching forward in positivism and stop focusing our energy on the past. The time has come love fully and deeply without reservation. To appreciate ourselves for the good in us, and to appreciate the good in those around us.

The time has come to make things happen. To stop wallowing in pity. The time has come for the simplicity in positive interactions, to change lives starting with our own. Let’s make today, tomorrow, and everyday forward a success. Our lives are worth it.  The time has come!