My sweet sweet Grandma passed away yesterday, and my children are also sick. It’s been a rough couple of days in my house and will likely be all week. I’m putting this out there just so you all know that I’m not ignoring my posts or yours, but I’ll likely spend little time here, at least until after this coming weekend when my family has had a chance to spend the time needed together.  She was the nicest most loving lady, and will be missed dearly. Your thoughts, love and prayers are appreciated. Thank you.



Where families smile, that’s where I’ll be,

You’ll feel the breeze and know it’s me.

The softest touch, a brush of love,

A sun kissed song, the purest dove.


With colors shining all around,

I see them now, no longer bound.

In peace I’ll let my body perish,

My soul hugs tightly to those I cherish.


My children… when you need to feel me there,

I’ll be in your hands, your hearts, your air.

When tears fall down and souls do bleed,

Remember inside you is a part of me.


Along with my memories, I leave this plea.

To search inside, find you’re just like me.

You have my laugh, my mischievous smile,

My humble determination, you’ll go the whole mile.


You know how to love, you know how to dance,

Nothing can break you, not even, no chance.

The strength that I had was quiet and real,

I left that in you, and I know it’s there still.


My grandbabies… know that you’re part of me too,

I’ve touched the hearts of each of you.

I see everything in you that’s nice and sweet,

Honey, I’m with you. Remember me.