It’s my pleasure to welcome Victoria as a guest here today. She’s such an inspiration! I’ve had the pleasure of reading several of her uplifting and empowering posts over on her blog Embracing Your Hidden Treasures ( Victoria’s words are lovely, an absolute delight! There she gives extremely helpful advice on mindset, life acceptance, facing your fears and more.. Much more!
There’s one in particular that you simply must check out: Accept, Feel, Detach
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Welcome Victoria!!!

I think a lot of us tend to overlook the process of life & the predicaments we come across. It seems to be that we forget that one day eventually all of our problems we face even including the ones that seem to be the most major ones that we come across will eventually fade. That one day, none of this is going to be remembered nor matter. Life is way too short, we have to remind ourselves this when we are in a current situation whether it be an external problem or internal problem we are having with ourselves. Remember that our physical existence is limited.
We need to be reminded of this as well as when it comes to making decisions & actions the way WE want to. Always do what you want to, never let anyone interrupt you from living life the way that you desire. One day, when you’re breathing your last few breaths you do not want to dwell on everything you wish you could have done, you want to be completely content with the years you have lived , a life with no regrets. Don’t complicate the process of living, be in the present moment always & appreciate the things that matter most.
Please do not take life too seriously, always use your energy wisely. If there’s a certain situation that you clearly have no control of then what is truly the point of stressing & worrying? The only result it gives you in return is making yourself mentally drained & sometimes even physically. Let it go, there are better times to come. Without a negative thought & reaction towards something you will come to see that these “problems” decrease immensely. So why don’t we take a step back & realistically think if half the obstacles we are coming across are actually the cause of our own minds. We have control over everything that remains & comes into our lives , don’t let your mind consume you.

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