I think there’s more than one reason the majority of writers refer to themselves as ‘starving artists.’ It isn’t only about money. I mean, granted we spend hours and hours, and then even more drawn-out tedious hours tapping away on the keys of a board, and for what? To turn around and spend even more countless hours advertising our own crap?ย  Sounds a little insane, right? So why do we do it? Some make millions $$, some make a measly double digit number $$ and then quit. But why? Why do we insist on being starving artists? Why take the time? What drives our little bibliophile brains to push the boundaries of literacy?

Most people think they know why, but for the most part they’re wrong.


So let me just set the record straight!

The reason we writers do what we do, is because we’re all just a little off.ย  On one hand we’re smart, we love words and how we’re able to bend and twist them into creations, into life. We love the game, the competition, the struggle, the trudging forward into the unknown of adventure that may lay ahead in our writing journey.

Then on the other hand, we at times hate all of those same things. We loath that after all the time spent, we’re still lingering in some gray area. We can’t get all the white noise out of our heads. Unless we take the time to sit our asses in front of our projects and create random greatness in order to get it all OUT of our thoughts. Our minds don’t really shut up. The fact that writing is a channel to hone in on, offers some relief to the madness.

We’re all sorta weird, and sorta quirky, and sorta insane.


Let me also point out, that we ourselves as writers don’t always know why we do what we do! Some days we think we have it all figured out, and we can provide the most wonderfully logical answers…

BUT REALLY THAT’S WHY WE’RE WRITERS, BECAUSE WE’RE ALL FULL OF SHIT… We’re good at being full of shit, we make stuff up all the time.


Ultimately, in my opinion…. There really is no straight forward reason that we writers do what we do, aside from the fact that our logic is for the most part askew. Because NOT writing would actually take a larger toll on our well-being than actually writing. Creating is our glue, it holds us together and gives us purpose whether we like it or not.

So let me ask… Why do you do it? What drives you to be a writer?