Mind Body & Soul Must Reads #CTM


“Within each present moment conflicting parts or voices may want to be heard. Without judgment and without pushing them away, hear them. This act of self-love activates healing and thoughtful decision making. The non-judgmental listening to parts of ourselves creates a platform of equality. All parts, the ones we believe are good, are bad, and are ugly are now equal. This inner equality is self-love……”

A Quickie with Self-loveJulia Flynn


“Although coffee originates to eleventh century Ethiopia, the first people to roast and brew coffee were the Yemenese, back in the fifteenth century.

Since then, coffee has turned from a noble drink to a common beverage, brewed in palace kitchens, cafes, restaurants, homes, small tent-sized kiosks and corner vendors all around the world.

It is the beverage most consumed in the globe, with over 400 billion cups drank yearly. Yet, coffee is as loved as it is hated, believed by some to benefit the health, by others to be harmful.

Most of those who drink coffee are so…..”

Facts and Truths about CoffeeJina S. Bazzar


“The Adoptee’s Untold Story, Part 2

This is the second part of an interview with adoptee Angela Barra,* for National Adoption Month. Part one, found in the November 15 issue, includes some of Angela’s personal history and helpful information for adoptive parents. In this second half, Angela continues to share her adoptee perspective

Why do you use the term natural parent?

History with respect to adoption language is really problematic. I studied Psychology in my undergraduate degree at University and understand how……”

The Adoptees’ Untold Story, Part 2LynnSollitto


“The time has come for another year! Us humans are funny about growth, change, and the passing of time. Every day is a new, and we hold the ability to progress, to define and redefine our happiness in the palm of our hands. 2017 may have been a great year for some, and it was likely devastating for others. The beauty of moving forward in time is that we can move toward peace and happiness, no matter what the past time has dealt us.

We will never be the exact same person as we were yesterday. It’s funny the way our bodies and minds inch their way into the future, picking up everything it can along the way. Studies show that the subconscious grasps onto everything in passing. Every little detail of our daily lives makes an impact on our aging process, even when we don’t realize it, it’s happening.

Each day ahead brings about a fresh clean canvas to paint, and a new page in the book of life to fill. The good news is that we get to….”

Redefine Your Happiness In 2018Didi Oviatt

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