As creators, we love the challenge of writing. We love the feeling of satisfaction that comes with pushing the boundaries of our own imaginations. There’s something about taking one certain thought or idea and then molding and transforming it into something bigger. Something deeper. Something that’s unique… and beautifully so.

As creative writers we strive to come up with story lines that say,

“Hey pst, come ‘er… I’m gunna’ tell you somethin’ you’ll never forget.”

That’s kind of like our ultimate goal. Aside from becoming NYT Best Selling Authors, that is. We really just want our masterpieces to be powerful enough that our readers have no choice but to soak it all up like a sponge.


It’s like there’s this certain thrill in taking the image of a character/being or what have you, and just pulling it from the depths of our brains kicking and screaming. Then we can slap it on a page, and do with it what we will.

From there, to accept the challenge of transformation and development, makes the process very intricate. This is where individuality, in and of itself, is actually perfection. Writing fiction is limitless. There is no right or wrong. No cookie cutter view of good vs. evil. With a crafty and well-worded approach, anything can be brought to life. Villains can be relatable, and heroines can have dark secrets. Love can be unconditional, and worlds can have layered realms. There is absolutely no roof or cap.

Anything can be swirled around the mind of a reader until it’s every detail is not only believed, but utterly unforgetable.

THAT ^^^^ is the reasoning. The drive behind why we as writers do what we do!