Didi Oviatt – Search for Maylee

Thank you so much Jane Stockwell, for this astonishing honest review of my book Search For Maylee! Unigon Plane is a credible new review site for both books and music. I can’t wait to watch the review services here grow and flourish!


Genre: Thriller
Released: October 2017
Reviewed by: Jane Stockwell

SearchForMaylee“Search for Maylee” is a contemporary thriller that centers around the disappearance of a young woman, Maylee, through the eyes of her aunt Autumn.

Set three years after Maylee’s abduction, the story picks up when Autumn has managed to acquire a potential lead after Maylee’s irresponsible, unlikable mother Candace drops a shred of information about the whereabouts of her ex-partner, Craig.  Craig had been strongly indicated in the disappearance of Candace’s daughter under the specter of human trafficking, but never convicted.

The story is compelling and you quickly find yourself identifying with Autumn and her plight to locate her niece.  The police detective who investigated the case, Chance, is an immediately obvious love interest with the character’s physical attractiveness and Autumn’s mixed feelings about him laid out early in the story.

Throughout the book there is an abundance of heavily muscled…

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  1. Alexis Rose says:

    You deserve only great reviews! ❤️


    1. Ah, thanks Alexis. As do you! 😊🤗

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