Meet Guest Author, K.D. Dowdall…

An excellent guest post on Chris the story reading ape blog. KD Dowdall is one of my favorite Indi authors! Check out this must read on her back story!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

The Journey

Hello, everyone. My name is Karen Anna DeMers Dowdall and as an author, K. D. Dowdall. I am delighted to have been asked to be a part of Chris Graham’s, Author Hall of Fame!

My journey to become a writer and author begins early in my life, in a roundabout way.

I was born in Hartford, Connecticut. I was disappointed though, because I always wanted to be born Chinese. So, I pretended I was Chinese until I was nine. I demanded to eat with Chinese chopsticks at every meal (Try eating oatmeal porridge with chopsticks).

At nine-years-old, my hero author was Pearl S. Buck, The Good Earth, although a close second was Hans Christian Andersen’s Classic Fairy Tales. My mother, always an avid reader, introduced us to books at an early age. I still envision her sitting in her English wingback upholstered chair, with a book, reading. She…

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  1. Didi, you are too kind, thank you for reblogging. I was very nervous to write about me in a personal way, but that is what was asked of me. I made some parts funny and some interesting, I hope. Karen 🙂

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    1. You did perfect! 🤗

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      1. Oh, thank you Didi, that makes me feel so much better! Karen 🙂

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      2. You’re most welcome 🤗


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