Binge Everything… Even Writing

I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those freak shows who do things by binge. Like, practically everything.  I even saw a card reader once who told me that I might as well have a neon sign over my head that says Compulsive. I get obsessed over one thing or another for days, weeks, or sometimes even months depending on what exactly I’ve thrown myself into… because at least I follow through! (for the most part lol)

When it comes to shopping, this is how I roll — I find something that I love and I buy it in bulk or subscribe for months, and I over do it each order so that I can ‘stock up’.  When I get on a shopping kick, I really shop. I’ll even rack up a little bit of credit card debt if I’m in a real big shopping binge because some things a girl’s just gotta have!


I also binge with food, in every way possible.  Binge cook, binge eat, binge diet… You name it, and as long as it has anything to do with food then surely I’ve binged it.


And because food bingeing obviously requires a follow up of binge exercising, I do that too! Clearly they go hand in hand. This is usually what my foodie loop consists of — Binge eating sugar and overloaded carb foods for a few months till I rack up a dozen extra pounds which is stored solely in my muffin top and neck roll. Literally… and no where else. We don’t even need to get into my rapidly growing fear of developing a neck waddle as I age. It’ll be straight to the lifestyle lift for me, I’m sure of it!

Next (once my neck is too round to bare) I’ll Binge on the fruit and vegies for a week or two, do a 5-7 day cleanse, pick a diet to keep me in line for a few weeks/months, and then I’ll hone in on an exercise program that almost kills me right out the gate so that I can binge on that too. This happens at least once a year, sometimes more.


I binge clean. I’m a pretty cleanly gal in general. I keep a tidy home, and have great hygiene. I don’t like to feel dirty or germy at all, it drives me nuts. But notice I just only said tidy, as in I’m a surface cleaner. I keep everything picked up and dusted off that I can see, and nothing else. I keep my bathrooms clean, and my dishes done, but I if it’s something that I can’t see then I only clean it on a binge. This actually says a lot because I’m only 5 foot 2 inches tall, there really is a lot that I DONT see.

So, about twice a year when I’ve had to stand on a chair to reach a random item of sorts and I’ve notice something so completely filthy *like the top of my fridge for example* then I can’t help but to get carried away cleaning for at least a week, usually two. Once I start pulling crap out of cupboards and drawers to clean underneath it all, I wind up de-junking, organizing, and douching my entire house with bleach one room at a time consecutively until I’m completely satisfied. Sometimes I’ll even go a step further and paint, just to have that real fresh feeling out of the deal, because if I’m going to deep clean, then by hell I’m going to do it right!


I binge watch Netflix about once a year. I find a series that I quickly addict myself too and you can’t peal my ass off the couch if you tried. I once watched every single season of Sons Of Anarchy in a five week span, then I jumped right into Breaking Bad way to fast afterward. Needless to say, I pretty much kissed a few short months of my life goodbye. We ate a lot of fast food, and I skipped showers far more than I’d like to admit. My husband was a cranky guy, and I didn’t even care because I was really into my shows.


Then there is drinking. AWWWW drinking!  First off, don’t get the wrong impression. I can have a few beers here and there and it’s totally fine. I don’t freak out unless I allow myself to indulge in whiskey. Then it’s HELLOOO binge night! Shit gets out of hand.  I try and limit myself to special occasions for whiskey. Wine is awesome in moderation, clear liquor isn’t for me, BUT whiskey is my vice. I love it, and that’s a bad thing. I become invincible in my own mind and I don’t know when to stop!


Last but not least, I BINGE WRITE!


In some ways binge writing Is the best! My sister in law once asked me how I’m able to fit it all in, and how I manage a novel a year. “It takes normal people years, I think,” she said. I remember her exact words because really neither of us had a clue on ‘normal people’ nor on how long the average novel writing time was, so it was funny when she said it exactly like that anyway. I also remember telling her that it’s because I get sucked in and become a raving type-a-holic lunatic until I’m finished.

It’s good and bad actually, to be a binge writer. A good writing binge is extremely productive, especially if it lasts a couple months straight. I always feel so accomplished after! It isn’t all cherries though because I get weird when I’m writing certain characters and certain scenes. I get pulled into my characters moods and circumstance to the point that my poor husband has to pick up my pieces. First he’ll point out that I’m, “being weird, and why am I so off?” Then he has to do a bit more cooking and picking up after the kidos than usual which makes him cranky too. Eventually he talks me into a break so that I can get my own personality back and stop driving him up the walls.

Burying myself in my writing is always a bitter sweet time for me. I turn recluse, and am perfectly content not to see or talk to anyone for weeks at a time. It’s kind of like a reset button for my head, I get to let my imagination run ramped and escape reality. Whether I get weird or not, I’m still able to pull myself out of it eventually, and what there is to show for the ‘time out of real life’ is entirely worth it! The more I put myself out there and the more people who actually read my stuff, makes me want to binge more often!

Currently I’m getting ready to dive into book two of New Age Lamian trilogy, and I’m soooo ready! Wish me luck friends, I think this could be my best binge yet!

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  1. OMG, Didi, as I read this I thought you could have been writing about me with the binges except I call them obsessions. At least people like us get things done. You go girl! PS I am a brandy girl.

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    1. Haha yes we do get things done!! Probably a little too much! Robbie, if we ever met in person I think it would be special occasion enough for Brandy AND whiskey! 😂

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  2. raistlin0903 says:

    Haha: I can certainly relate. When I see something or read something that I really like, I can become very obsessive myself. I want to find out everything about it,and try to buy everything or watch everything all at the same time. I guess I need help, but on the other hand I love a good binge once in a while lol 😂😂 Great post, really enjoyed this one!

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    1. Lol! Isn’t it funny how obsessed we can be?! 😂😂

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      1. raistlin0903 says:

        Haha, yeah, although I guess there are worse things getting obsessed over 😂😂

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      2. You’re so right! 🙂

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  3. Ooh! I can totally relate to this post. Well, except the whiskey and that’s only because I think my head would explode. Good luck with your new book Didi!😙

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    1. Thanks Kim! 🤗😊 hope your headaches are easing up some 🙁

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  4. SonniQ says:

    Oh my – OCD. Do I get obsessed with the things in my life and go 12-15 hours straight because i have too many projects that all need to be worked on at the same time?? Yes, you hit the nail on the head.

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    1. HAHA YES! Glad I’m not alone in this craziness! 🙂


  5. Diana Tyler (Eccentric Muse) says:

    Yes, to binge writing! I can write up to 3-4 novels in a year when I binge write.

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    1. Doesn’t it make you feel so acomplished after!?! 😃

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      1. Diana Tyler (Eccentric Muse) says:

        Definitely! 😁

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  6. I love this. I am a binge/compulsive person too. The great thing about that obsessive energy is that you get really good at loads of different things. You also find you have a story for every occasion. My obsession at the moment is learning drums (first lesson last week) well enough to play with a band by June 2018. My family think I’m crazy and that middle-aged women shouldn’t drum but I say sod that! The only problem is, as you say, it means you withdraw from people around you and that isn’t good. I have to watch that! Good luck with your next project.

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    1. Thank you! And, how fun! My five year old will be getting a guitar for Christmas, and it’s been all I can do not to get one for myself and my husband too… just so we can learn and encourage right along side him. My husband isn’t too enthusiastic about the idea, but I’m sure if my son is still gungho on playing it in another month or so, my obsessive nature will take over and I’ll be on a musical binge right along with you!! 🙂
      Congrats on your band!!

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      1. You’re welcome 🙂


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