Blogging: FB for people who actually read.

Some of us have this weird compulsive problem… its called reading. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got it bad. I’m not just talking about books either. I’m talking about everything. Every. Single. Thing. People post pictures of random things in random places, and rather than focusing on the image as a whole, or what it represents, I find myself reading ANY words that happen to be in the photo.

Post a picture of your bottom half, sitting on a squishy chair, reading on your kindle on the beach… I’ll zoom in and read your page.

Post a picture of your kids, standing on the sidewalk somewhere… I’ll zoom in and read window sign or street signs.

Post a selfie… I’ll read the print on your shirt.

If there are any words in your pictures, period… I WILL READ THEM.

I don’t just do this on social media either, I do it in stores (all stores), peoples houses, events. Pretty much everywhere. You get my drift. Like if I walk into your kitchen, and there’s a print out of something or another sitting on your counter, I’ll instinctively pick it up and give it a read. Or, when I shop… I’ll be looking for a product, and once it’s found, I don’t just spot and grab it… I’ll read the entire front portion of said product. My hairspray isn’t just the Aussie brand in a spritz… It’s Aussie Instant Freeze hairspray Extreme Hold #4, sometimes even with UV protection for hair.

And so on… Again, you get my drift.

I know I’m not the only person out there with this compulsive problem. Which is why I came to the conclusion that this is who we are here on wordpress! Blogging is like FaceBook, except for people who actually read!!


First there are book bloggers, like me.. we love to read, and to talk about reading, and read about reading, and compare our thoughts on all of the same things we’ve read. Or, even show an interest on other peoples opinions on their own reads, so that we can make a sound decision on what exactly we’d like to read next.

Then there are those bloggers who really aren’t big book readers, but still have the same compulsive ‘random reading problem’ nonetheless. So they start up a blog about whatever it is that they may be obsessed with, and then create a bunch of content for other ‘problematic readers’ to enjoy. In the process, they are feeding their own addiction of consuming words upon words upon words… Because once you’re a blogger (a REAL blogger) then the little reading ‘tick’ we sometimes have, grows into something bigger. MUCH bigger!


For example: When we’re scrolling through our newsfeeds, we don’t just look at the pictures and move onto the next article available… OH NO, that’ll never do. We HAVE to read the full tittle, as well as the first sentence to the article, before either diving in or passing it up. We READ whatever we can see right off, and then make our next reading choice.

Also, for a second example: Once we’ve chosen a blog post to read… We finish it! Whether we agree or disagree with the content, whether we slow it down to savor the flavor of every word OR speed-read to get through…. No mater how exactly we read the WP posts chosen, we read through to the end. Because we can. Because, in a way, we have to. Because we like to. Because reading is our impulse. Rendering any other social media, as lacking.



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  1. Haha loved this post… Yeah that’s a problem with me too. You hv described it so well, the need to read…and this one “Post a picture of your bottom half, sitting on a squishy chair, reading on your kindle on the beach… I’ll zoom in and read your page.”…TOO GOOD….🤘👍🤘😁

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    1. HAHAHA I’m glad I’m not alone in this!! lol

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  2. ortensia says:

    I actually nevervtough aboutbthst but yesss I have the same compulsive problem😂😂😂you are not alone baby 🤓

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    1. It needs a name, this reading impulse.. like a diagnosis 🤔😂😅

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      1. ortensia says:

        Naaaa,lets do not label ourself😉

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      2. LOL, good thinking! 😉

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  3. Which of course makes it quite a big decision to follow another blog. The reading can grow exponentially, leading to sleepless nights, guilt attacks and eye strain. Hooray! 😅

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    1. HAha, spot on!! 😂 When one problem leads to another lol

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  4. Love this post. Shows so much thought and genuine love for blogging, books and everything in between.

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  5. I love this post, Didi. Yes, blogging is Facebook for readers. It is by far my favourite social media and the one I am addicted to.

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    1. Me too! Very addicting

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  6. esoterica says:

    Haha this is fantastic! I don’t use social media, and lack of readable content is a huge reason. Blogging is a much better platform for us reading fools. 😉 Cheers!

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    1. Yes, is most certainly is! All of my hometown friends refuse to blog for the exact opposite reason lol… I say… they can keep their mindless picture books and reality TV shows too 😂😂

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      1. percetakanmurahdijakartaa says:


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      2. esoterica says:

        I could not agree more!! 🙂

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  7. percetakanmurahdijakartaa says:

    It needs a name, this reading a diagnosis

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