Review: The Curse, by Jina Bazzar 4 stars


Okay, I made the mistake of reading this before Heir of Ashes, so my review is going to be super short. A few things were a little confusing, probably because I didn’t read the other book first. I’ll be downloading ASAP though and diving right in without delay, because even from such a short buildup to Roxanne’s character, it’s a powerful one!

It’s a story of outer worldly magic, relms, portals, witches, and basically the coolest sounding species imaginable. Energy, and the control of it plays a big part in what the magic actually revolves around. BUT, this isn’t exactly what the book is about (I’m assuming it will be much more so in Heir of Ashes, and so on.) This book is more about the characters in general, the intermixing of different species for the purpose of creating particular beings with particular powers.

Yoncey Fosch is pretty awesome, I loved his character. It starts out with him making a huge deal with a very powerful enemy for the sake of saving his brother, and many members of his clan. His brother is cursed with a plague that can only be cured with magical stones. These stones have to be used in just the right way by a being who posses the right power. Fosch is just that being. He keeps the entire endeavor a secret, cures his brother as well as all the others sick. After returning the stones, he’s forced to follow through with his bargain. He has to create a child with a human, in order to bred in particular magic and give that child to the enemy.

Other twists, turns, and characters wind up weaving themselves into this bargain over time. It’s all unbeknownst to them at the time. As it all plays out, some things coming into light, and others staying in the dark, but ultimately the story unravels flawlessly!

All the characters are unique, bringing about their own agendas that get twisted and mingled into the ultimate shebang at the end. I love the premise of the story and can’t wait to read Heir of Ashes, to get the whole experience.


Yoncey Fosch, the leader of the Unseelie Dhiultadh clan would give anything to save his brother from a mysterious plague. Anything, including his leadership mantle and a favor to his deadliest enemy, Queen Titania’s consort.
But his actions will have far reaching consequences, and Fosch realizes he is not only unwilling to pay the price, but will defy anyone who calls him on it.

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  1. Christy B says:

    I have my copy and look forward to the read xo

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    1. You’ll love it! 🙂

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  2. Jina Bazzar says:

    I’m a terrible person, Didi, i missed this one.But i’m very much thankful for the review!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lol It happens to me all the time 😉 You’re most welcome!

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