Review: Whispers of Death, by Ronald Kihali #5star #poetry

My Review:

The poems in this book are stunning, heart wrenching, and beautifully tragic. I feel bad admitting this, but I can’t quite recall how long it’s been since I picked it up. I get quite a bit of gifted books, contact reach-outs, and review requests. This year has been a weird one in my personal life so I’ve slacked off and let myself get behind. Whispers of Death has been sitting in my unlimited library for quite some time now, and last night when I went to download a new book I had to choose one to give back first. Rather than just giving it back without thought, I picked it up to read a few pages first and see if anything sparked.

That said… Ronald, if you did reach out to me… then not only to I owe you an apology for putting this read off for so long, I also owe you a THANK YOU! Your poetry grabbed at my airwaves, my friend. Your style is unique, it flows, and then it lingers. A couple poems in particular will never be forgotten! What was intend to be a couple of pages turned into a cover to cover one sitter, and then an all night stew and wonder session.

This book is short, I wish there was more. But, then on the other hand, too much would be too much. There are enough poems here to make your heart bleed for whatever Ronald has been through in life. The depth of emotion is felt in every page, every line, every point to be made. It’s beautifully written, and oh so very sad. A couple of them were so full of impact that I just had to read them twice over. I couldn’t help myself. If you’re in need of the kind of poetry that really makes you think, then look no further than Whispers of Death by Ronald Kihali.


It gets hard sometimes, doesn’t it. It gets so difficult only tears comfort your weeping soul. This collection of simple, emotional poetry gives me, and all of us, hope. That amidst the pain, the loss and suffering, there is always something to cling on. Something to lean on. Something to wait upon. Because one thing is for sure, if love can come to an end,so can pain.


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