#review A View From An Empty Nest, With Only A Few Ruffled Feathers, by Alisa B. Bates 4 stars


This little book of poetry is very beautiful. I’m glad to have read it in paperback because the way it’s put together is absolutely lovely. There’s a bit of rhythm with the way each poem picks up from the last, and there’s also some stunning photography sprinkled throughout. Flipping through the pages A View From An Empty Nest, With Only A Few Ruffled Feathers by Alisa B. Bates really brought to light the authenticity in it.

I first discovered Alisa’s work after speaking with her at a local author event. Her approach and style really intrigued me, so I didn’t wait long to read her novel The Fox in the Closet. I was extremely impressed, and rated that book 5 stars. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to read this book of hers as well. It’s lovely!

The poems throughout cover memories of motherhood both early on and later in life, lifestyle, Alisa’s unwavering view on godliness, the loss of a child, all the way through to the end where she gets to experience the beauty of being a grandparent.

It’s very clear that Alisa has a strong heart, and loves her children dearly! After suffering multiple miscarriages of my own, the few poems she has of loosing a baby really hit home for me. Brought me to tears, and I could only imagine the pain she felt after loosing her child.

Alisa has a way with words. The flow of her poetry is stunning. Some is short, sweet and practical. Some has layered depth that really resonate. Overall this book is a little slice of the inner beauty of Alisa and her family!


Do not live with your eyes
focused too far ahead,
for the most precious things
are within your reach
…waiting to be discovered.
A VIEW FROM AN EMPTY NEST, WITH ONLY A FEW RUFFLED FEATHERS, is a collection of poetic expressions. Laced with humor and heartbreak alike, this book portrays the joys and struggles of families in today’s world.

Various forms of creative writing styles and more than 50 poetic sentiments fill the pages of this collection. Different stages of parenthood are divided into sections and introduced with beautiful photography.

Not only will ‘empty nesters’ relate and find comfort within this book, but ‘nest building’ parents will find encouragement and perhaps learn from the author’s triumphs and blunders. It is her hope that the messages will connect with readers and help families transition into the ever-changing stages of life.

Whether gifted to a loved one or added to your own personal collection, readers in all phases of life will enjoy the expressions, messages, and images created through this book.


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  1. This sounds sad, and beautiful!! And mixed with some beautiful photography I’m sure that it gives these lovely words even more meaning! Amazing review! 💖💖

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    1. Thanks, Nicole! It really is a good one 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much Drew 🙂


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