Mom-preneur strengths and struggles

Often times life is lived through small pieces and fragments. As a Mommy Writer I’ve grown accustomed to these little chunks of daily joys and irritations. Sometimes the little things lead up to bigger events (such as book releases, children’s milestones, etc.) and some times not (merely simple moments).  But, it’s the day-to-day lifestyle that I’m referring to.


It isn’t uncommon to sit down for a twenty-minute quickie (and by quickie I actually mean fragment of a writing session, as that’s all that my busy life will allow that day.  So get your mind out of the gutter, you naughty human you!) About five minutes and three paragraphs into my quickie, I’m regularly  interrupted by the sound of a mischievous giggle coming from the pint-sized three-year old that has just shoved a half eaten bite of PB&J into the crack of the couch. That’s right, my fragment of a writing session is interrupted by a fragment of a sandwich… Typical.


Little messes, little arguments, little hugs, little kisses, little giggles, little crafts, and of course little scraps and bruises. Work is best accomplished during quick segments of cartoons that actually hold a kids attention (which is rare), and short naps. Eating meals at a computer is sometimes imperative, and coffee can be a requirement.

Sometimes it’s easy to get carried away by the hustle of it all, and to wear the stress of fragmented life on our sleeves. It isn’t always easy to compile the little moments into meaningful events, and still wear a smile on our faces. What’s ironic about this fact, is that it’s SO important as an entrepreneur to maintain a positive attitude. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather buy a product, or follow through with a service provided, by a happy confident person who seems to actually have their crap together. No one wants to buy a product from an emotional scatter brain. So here’s what we have to do in order to succeed as mom-preneors, or daddy-preneors if the case may be 😉 …


As mommies, we must give our children the life they deserve and the attention they need to grow into confident, independent, successful adults. We owe it to our kids to raise them right.  We did bring them into this world after all, so it’s the least we can do for them! So be there, appreciate the little moments rather than allow yourself to be irritated by them, because even if your quickie is interrupted by a sandwich you’ll never get that mischievous giggling moment back. Once its gone its gone. Toddlers are hard, but they wont be toddlers forever.. Enjoy your children first. Your quickie can wait.

As businessmen we must learn to take our fragmented moments and use them wisely. If you don’t have a good concept of time management then maybe you’re better off with a babysitter and a 9 to 5. And last but not least, put on your smiling faces!!  It’s a big deal to the success of your business to keep your mind in a healthy positive place. Keep your confidence and keep your cool. As long as you can master your time and the positivity in your thought process then you can and WILL be successful. Keep your chin up, and keep at it.  Never give up even if you’re teetering the edge of despair. Quitters loose. It’s that simple.

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  ^^ Photo credit to Lacey Borba! Lacey Borba Photography  


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  1. eliza rudolf says:

    Nice post….🙂🤗😗

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  2. raistlin0903 says:

    Talking about a wonderful postive post to start the day with! This totally is it 😊Really enjoyed this one: And the paragraph about the quicky was hilarious 😂😂

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    1. LOL Thanks! I gotta throw something dirty in once in a while haha 🙂

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