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I’m thrilled to be a stop on the book tour for this phenomenal new release by E. Denise Billups. It’s a paranormal (which I love) and so far the reviews are jaw dropping! I can’t wait to read the book, and once you continue on to consume the blurb and excerpt I know you’ll be just as excited! The tour is put together by the lovely Jina Bazzar with Author Inspirations, go check her blog out as well. It’s awesome!!

And, now…… Drumroll….. Without any further adoo…. Here is a little taste for the paranormal we’ve all been looking for, Kalorama Road!

Book 7 Kalorama Road

Book blurb:

There something Allie can’t remember, hidden memories bordering consciousness that refuse to surface until one day someone, something, ignites horrifying images of a forgotten night.

A year after graduating from Emsworth University, a mysterious email appears asking Allie one single question. What happened at 1414 Kalorama Road? Allie has no memory of that night and has tried to recapture what happened when a classmate went missing at an off-campus party. Someone wants her to remember, and they’re getting closer and more insistent. Forgotten memories gradually start to surface with gruesome images and a revelation that could ruin the reputation of her esteemed alma mater, Emsworth University.



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About the author:

An author with a rare mixture of Southern and Northern charm, E. Denise Billups was born in Monroeville Alabama and raised in New York City where she currently resides and works in finance. A burgeoning author of fiction, she’s published three suspense novels, Kalorama Road, Chasing Victory, By Chance, and two supernatural short stories, Rebound, and The Playground. An avid reader of mystery and suspense novels, she was greatly influenced by authors of that genre. When she’s not writing or reading, you can generally find her training for road races and marathons. She’s s a fitness fanatic who loves physical challenges of all types (running, biking, yoga, dance, and more) a discipline she uses to facilitate the creative writing process.

Social links:

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Kalorama Road is  the author’s third novel.

Originally, Kalorama Road was  titled ‘A Blog Affair’.

The ending was crafted long before the author wrote the beginning.

The inspiration for Kalorama Road came from an article the author read about men and women finding true love through blogging.  The idea intrigued her skeptical mind.

The scene the author grapple with the most was the murder scene

The author is an avid coffee drinker and she’s written about coffee in most of her novels.


Startled by the flashback, I pause in the room’s center wondering what triggered the memory. How strange . . . All this time, I couldn’t remember how I bruised my forehead. The sight of the fireplace must have sparked the memory. I move toward the windows, stand between the curtains, face the room, and study the space like a ghost returned to its demise. Vapors whirl and whisper like mist taking shape. At the moment the unfolding manifestation is inscrutable. Unaware of what’s emerging, I walk through a ray of light streaming through the windows. Buoyant speckles stir fast, too fast. Fearfully, I stop and stare at the rapid charge. It’s nothing, I rationalize, just dust I’ve disturbed, I reassure an anxious mind. My back crawls with a creeping sensation. I spin around to empty space. “Okay Allie, get a grip.”

Resting my hand on the mantel, I examine the empty chasm and ponder whether a fire burned that night. I can’t remember. For a moment, the space spins and the unpleasant anxiousness swells, grating my memory. I try to squelch the aura and familiar angst I’ve lived with for months, intrusive energy invading my mind, a remote space refusing to open. I breathe deep, expel unease, and concentrate on a room I’ll never see again. Turning in several circles, I absorb every vibration, smell, color, and sound, trying to conjure that night.

A gentle breeze like fingers icing my skin raises hairs on my arms. Swiftly, I turn toward closed windows, searching for something a breeze can escape. Impossible! The only vent lies across the room. An overwhelming scent of roses whirls gossamer coils about me. My mind recognizes but refutes an invisible presence. It can’t be real. It’s just my imagination, and the room making me anxious. Instantly, something seizes my consciousness. Spectral hands clamp my body, guiding a slow descent, lowering me safely to the floor.

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  1. Didi, you’re awesome for hosting my book on your wonderful blog! Thank you so much!!

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    1. You’re most welcome Denise! 😊🤗

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  2. Another awesome post. So glad to be on this tour with you!


    1. Thanks Jay! It looks like such an excellent book. I’m super excited to read it! Sadly, it’s been a while since I let myself get sucked into a paranormal, and I’m DUE!

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  3. I’m looking forward to this book! How exciting! I am not on this tour but it sounds fantastic! Way to go ladies!💜😊😍

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