YA Dystopian Teaser: New Age Lamians

The story is told in different measures and in different context all over the world.  Every family, generation, and village has a different view and belief.  There is a myth told by many that the lightning was brought about by the accent gods, specifically to awaken the Lamians.  It is told that all the magic in life has been stored deep in the tallest mountains of the world for centuries.  Mankind once believed that the apocalypse would come by rain of fire.  They believed that it would be a great war of nuclear destruction brought upon themselves. In no way was the world prepared for the real destruction that was to come. And in no way were they ready for the new age.  The age of Lamia.  However the Lamians came about and for whatever reason will forever remain a mystery.  A different myth for every lock of the world.  All that I believe in are the facts. The origin of the Lamians make no difference to me.  I care about the fact that they are evil in its truest form, slithering the earth, and that it is my duty to kill them.

Before the second phase, that of Lamia, came the first phase, the war of man and nature.  The destruction began in the form of fire but not the sort that was expected. There were no nuclear explosions or dominating nations. The war was one of bone crushing flashes of power raining down from the sky. The lightning began about 50 years before I was born and is still crashing into the earths surface on a nightly basis, I am now 26.   The first waive of lightning devastated human kind. It destroyed the greatest and smallest of cities alike.  Birds fell from the sky and fish floated to the tops of water bodies by the hundreds.  Homes burnt to the ground in every direction and people fell to their deaths.  With each almighty strike came immeasurable devastation.  In the daytime people would bury their loved ones and attempt to find food.  At night came death and terror in the form of simultaneous lightning storms across the land.  Electricity was completely knocked out causing nothing but sparks and fire in the once booming streets.  Jobs became non existent causing currency to be rendered meaningless.  The world became every man for himself in a fight for survival.  Families came together in small groups to flee from cities and into the mountains and deserts to fend for themselves.  Lightning seemed to be stronger and thicker within city walls.  Roads and power lines acted as a beacon honing in the crashes from above.

In the first phase there was one company, and one alone, who survived the electrical apocalypse.  The preexisting source that powered the company was invented a mere 5 years before the lightning began.  A wireless energy that was harnessed underground in a liquid form, that sat beneath the sand in three very overwhelmingly large locations across the globe.  The great physical phenomenon sent from the heavens seemed to power the company in every sense.  The liquid would receive a giant surge of cognition with every strike.  The lights in their facilities burned brighter, their electronics ran faster and more powerful, all systems ran without fail.  At first men and woman were welcomed into the safety of the companies walls.  In time their buildings became to crowded and food became sparse.   After a few short months of welcoming drifters by the dozens, the company closed its doors.  Locks were secured and gunmen were set in place to take out anyone who became hostile upon the refusal of entrance.  Over time the company grew from just a few large buildings into small cities within giant stone walls.  A new flourishing world inside of an old diminishing one.  The second phase did not come for years later.


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  1. Mischenko says:

    Sounds good, Didi. I will be reading your books in the future. I just need to get caught up! ❤

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    1. The story of our bibliophile lives, right!?! Aww to be caught up… someday 😂🤓. Sometimes I wonder if it’ll ever happen for me 🤔😅

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  2. Definitely a different take on a distopian novel!! This Company sound rather ominous! Maybe it’s a little TOO fortuitous that they got this set up completed just in time to “save” everyone?? I can’t wait to see what happens!


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