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I signed on with the publishing agency Creativia a few weeks back (Writing Progress in the Fall) They’re working on a total makeover of all of my previous titles as we speak. I couldn’t be any more thrilled with what we’ve accomplished so far! Aggravated Momentum will be my first book to be completed in this total revamp. The new cover is finished (and just WOW), the editing is complete, and it’s currently in the formatting process. The redo of every single one of my titles is going to take some time, which is awesome…. because there is no rushing perfection, right!?!

Once the makeover of my previous titles is complete I’ll be releasing a couple more within the year!! WHEW, what projects I have in store!! 


Anyhow, since I signed on, and have been so sweetly welcomed by the amazingly talented team of authors that Creativia has accepted and compiled (including our very own James J. Cudney, author of Father Figure, as well as my favorite ever debut novel Watching Glass Shatter!). Each and every one of these authors have such extreme talent… to say that I’m impressed is an understatement.  Today, I decided to share just a handful of these wonderful books with you! Click on over to the Amazon page of any (OR ALL) of these books and check them out. The adventures here are mind blowing!


Where do light bulbs go when they burn out? Do they stay dead forever? Or can they be regenerated to live a brand new life with a brand new purpose? If they’re lucky they go to Star Factory 13 to become glorious stars in the sky…after they pass a rigorous test of their personality given by Carelia the Light Goddess, that is.

But how in the world did 10-year-old Alicia get to Star Factory 13? All she did was go shopping in Walker’s Department Store with Mother to buy a new lamp for her bedroom. Could there really have been some magic in that department store Christmas tree? Or perhaps it was the ride in the elevator with the Golden Door that did it. The elevator button said “Press Me” and Alicia willingly obliged.

Up she rode to the 13th floor to find an assortment of wise-cracking light bulb people, all with distinct personalities, each coming from sad, silly or desperate circumstance, all hoping to take their rightful place in the heavens.

Alicia and the Light Bulb People is an enchanting tale of friendship, courage, and realizing your star potential through the magic of believing!


Twenty years after Penny’s Hawaiian adventure, she and her husband make a temporary move to Las Vegas, Nevada, where the building boom is in full swing.

But when they run out of gas in the Mojave Desert, the couple is rescued by a famous painter, who happens to own a resort. The eccentric artist hires Penny to paint murals for his property, and her husband finds work on a skyscraper on the Strip.

Things are looking up until Penny hears rumors about human trafficking. When her daughter goes missing, Penny’s mothering instinct goes into high gear. They are now confronted head-on with criminal activity and the underbelly of greed.

Will a mother’s love make a difference in the game of life – or does God hold all the cards? Forty-eight hours is all Penny has to rescue Lani, and the clock is ticking. she’s willing to bet her final breath, even her last penny, to save her daughter’s soul.

Praise for Penniless Souls:
“Fast-paced and entertaining.” – Arch Font, author of Wrath of Rhonda
“Suspenseful and fast-moving.” – Suzanne Saunders, author of Vines


1966. England wins the soccer World Cup at Wembley. The same night, the body of a young barmaid is discovered close to an abandoned lighthouse near Liverpool. Two more murders follow, and all remain unsolved.

2005. Detective Inspector Andy Ross and his team are called in when a disturbingly similar series of murders begins in the same location. If their estimates are correct, Ross has one week to solve the case before the third Lighthouse Murder takes place.

In A Very Mersey Murder, D.I. Ross and Sergeant Izzie Drake return in a tense race against time, as they seek to identify and apprehend a vicious killer who seems to leave no clues and no evidence. The price of failure is death.

This is a standalone novel and can be enjoyed even if you haven’t read other books in the series.


Technology has developed to the point where a person can be placed in a Sleep State: a cross between suspended animation and a drug-induced coma.

Just as the trial of the new technology is being completed, an unusual comet is discovered approaching Earth, bringing with it radiation that will wipe out all life on the planet. Soon after, the government builds a protected sleeper facility to save humankind from extinction, taking drastic steps to maintain secrecy of the project.

But when the sleepers awaken, they discover that something has gone terribly wrong, and must find a way to carry out their mission in a dangerous, strange world that is not the one they fell asleep in.


When Jacob is a child, a mysterious girl comforts him at the funeral of the family he accidentally killed. Years later, grieving for his lost wife and son, Jacob is at Heavensgate. He believes that the dead should stay dead, but sees things other people don’t see.

Even worse, Jacob is besieged by his alter ego: the foul-mouthed, sex-crazed and dangerous Jake; a personality with a twisted sense of fun and no conscience. Jacob battles for his sanity and soul, surrounded by supernatural enemies and allies, as he struggles to free the Keeper of the Forbidden Book and ignore the menacing pink Cadillac that drives by his lakeside lodge every night.

Wherever Jacob goes, people die, and the cops are moving in when a terrifying and seductive presence arrives on the frozen lake. Now, Jacob will discover that even hope has a dark side.

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  1. Shalini says:

    Congratulations Didi

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    1. Thanks so much, Shalini! I’m very excited!

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  2. So exciting to have you here! Thank you for mentioning me, too! 🙂 xoxo

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    1. Thanks, Jay! So far things look great, I really appreciate your recommending me! XOXO

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      1. Excellent! You’re very welcome. You’re a fantastic storyteller and writer.

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  4. raistlin0903 says:

    So many cool things are happening for you: really couldn’t be more happy for you! It’s awesome: congratulations! 😊

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    1. Michel, your encouragement is perfect, and more appreciated than you know 🤗🤗🤗

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    1. Thanks Charles! It’s so exciting 🙂


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