The Things We Think #poem

Good thoughts, bad thoughts

Truths, and the lies.

Hidden acts, cunning pleasures,

Masked by devious eyes.

Locked away in thought,

Never voiced, never told,

Will no one know intent,

Or that your mind can be so bold?

The things we welcome in,

And the brilliance swirled about,

Imagining worst fears,

Will we ever push them out?

When minds shift down a gear,

Thinking blasts ahead, full throttle,

What comes from all these thoughts?

Not much’

Just the key we hold to tomorrow.


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  1. A most interesting poem, Didi.

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    1. Thanks, Robbie! 😍🤔

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  2. raistlin0903 says:

    Wonderful poem, thank you for sharing it😊 Hope you will have an awesome weekend!

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    1. Thanks Michel! Have a great weekend yourself! My husband is working and I actually have a babysitter, so I intend to get some awesome writing done this weekend. I can’t wait!!!

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    1. Thanks so much. Your shares mean the world! 🙂

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