Terry Pratchett Read-a-Thon… Sourcery #review #5stars

If there was ever a competition for biggest procrastonater, and the worlds worst read-a-thon joiner, then I’d surely be sporting the blue effin ribbon today! No only was the review suposed to be thrown out to the world yesterday, but I didn’t even get throught the book until today. WOOPS, sorry Nicole.

I came across the challenge of this wonderful Read-a-Thon over on  The Bookworm Drinkith BlogNicole, said drinkith(ing) bookworm, has teamed up with Kathy @ Pages Below the Vaulted Sky. Together they have started a sort of Terry Pratchett reading group. If you’d like to join then DO!! See HERE for more details, and see HERE for Nicole’s review this month too! For this month, the book was Sourcery, and WOW what a book! I loved it! Check out my review!



Another mischevious advendure/disaster made funny by Terry Pratchet! I’ve really got to hand it to this auther (RIP, you beautiful soul!) he really had a way of taking everything nonesense and molding it into complete sense… what a gift! The way that these Discworld books use the dryest of humor, sprinkled with farfetched weirdness, and then tops it off with completely off the wall adventure is a amazing.

Sourcery is possibly my favorite of Rincewood’s tales so far. Dispite the fact that Rincewood did seem a little bit off his game… not like he really has any, nonetheless he seemed different, I would have like to see more of his brilliance in cut the BS approach. Either way, I still think it’s my favorite, probably because of how much I liked the new characters along with the awesome as ever luggage! Rincewood, the failure of a wizard, is really only good at stubling into one disaster after another, yet somehow winding up on top, but his witt is hands down what’s kept me loving him. I kind of want to bottle some of it up and cary it around with me like a suviener of sorts, something I could pull out and reference when I lacked my own sense of outside the box.

Lets talk about the new characters. First there’s the sourcerer. He’s insanely powerful, the eigth son of an eigth son, of an eigth son (I think, anyway lol it’s hard to keep all that math crap straight). So powerful infact that he’s the very source of magic. The wizards are all a squable as usual, trying to trick and outsmart and outmagic one another in some useless effort to be in top. Some want to follow the sourcerer, some want to knock him down a peg, and all are in one way or another scared shitless of him… as they should be. The world is on the fritz with him around, and Rincewood has found himself right in the middle of it all, unintened and stuck there until it’s all sorted out.

There’s also the theif, Conina. I really like her. She’s kind of irrisistable, and a complete badass even though she really only wants to be a hairdresser. She stole the archchancellor’s hat, by it’s command of course, grabbed Rincewood along the way as her/the hat’s own personal wizard for the journey of saving the world from sourcery.

All in all it’s definitly my favorite, and I’ll most definitly be reading more of this crazy Discworld madness!

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    1. Awesome! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂


  1. Shalini says:

    Never was attracted to his books… It is strange

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    1. That is a little strange. I was hessitant to read them at first, it’s completely different than what I usually read. I’m not usually one for far fetched, or too packed with dry sarcasm but I’m actually glad I started them. So far I’ve really enjoyed them. They’re a lot funnier than I would have expected lol

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  2. I’m so glad you liked this one!! I feel like we’re the only two who did! 😂 I agree that Pratchett was a beautiful soul, and he’ll be sorely missed…. But, at least we have his wonderful (and plentiful) literature to enjoy!!
    Next up?? WYRD SISTERS!! I CAN’T WAIT!! 💖💖🍻


    1. lol well not everyone likes cake! Count me out for December, I’m sadly too booked to squeeze it in this month. Ugh, *face palm* I’m glad that these books make good stand alones too because if not, I’d be lost lol


      1. Awww…. It’s the BEST ONE!!! But, I understand. December is going to be tough for me too! But, I’m going to muscle through!

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      2. Oh no, you can’t say things like that! The best one?! okay, okay, I’ll make room lol… I’m such a sucker, but these books really are so fun. I’m back in HAHA


  3. Finally a reading appreciation I can get excited about! I have signed first editions, books from my teens to thirties of his with many yet to read! I have passed the paperbacks to my eldest reader with little results but I have hope that one will appreciate his magical worlds. Mort and the light fantastic drew me in and the witches trilogy. amazing !

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    1. Wow!! Guard those originals with your life! That is so amazing!! 😍🤩😍


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