WIP Writing Challenge NOV. “An Awhaw Moment Amidst Chaos.” #thrillerscene

I’m a little late posting my writing challenge scene, but no one joined in this month anyways and, well, it’s my own challenge sooooooo…… not only am I late, but I’m doing creepy scene instead of a festive one despite the holiday spirit. I have more than one projects going on right now. So far I’ve used the characters from New Age Lamians, Book 2 (my top priority WIP as of late) to write my monthly scene challenge for Sept. I’ve also used a previously published book for last month’s challenge ‘bump in the night’.

For the past week I’ve been doing a final round of revisions on my soon to be new release SKETCH! It’s a rendition of the first book I ever wrote The Stix. The Stix was stolen from me from a very shady publisher. The story is fantastic, but not nearly as polished over as it should’ve been before publication. This “publishing company” took it and won’t pay me proceeds, nor will they release the book or let me update it. If you’re intrigued by the scene, then please don’t buy The Stix, just WAIT FOR SKETCH. It’ll be worth the wait, and quite possibly my best thriller yet!

Anyhow, in light of this week’s progress I’ve decided to take a scene out of the story, and mold it to fit my theme for Nov. ‘An Awhaw Moment Amidst Chaos’.



Enjoy my creepy creep ‘awhaw moment’ scene!:

Steven drags his feet through the front door of his father’s house. He takes off his shoes and passes out on the couch right inside the doorway. He’s too tired to walk the short distance into his room and doesn’t much care about the growl in his stomach. The thoughts of Misty’s body have been weighing him down. He’s still utterly nauseated from everything he witnessed, and that’s not to mention the smell. The scent of so much blood and a freshly decaying body isn’t something Steven will soon forget.

It was a smell so strong he could taste it. He felt like he’d been breathing in the stench for weeks. No matter how many times he brushed his teeth upon returning home the night before, he still couldn’t seem to get the taste out of his mouth. It was overwhelming. He was drenched in her blood from head to toe. Steven couldn’t understand how any human being could do such a thing to another. What kind of sick and twisted person could cut someone up into pieces?

When Steven laid in bed the night before he couldn’t sleep. All he could think about was how he had to lay out Misty’s body like a puzzle. Making sure every piece was there. He watched them set her fingers in place, in the order they guessed they would be. He watched them lay her toes next to her feet. Every part of her body was there, in place and accounted for, aside from one toe. He’d helped them search the bunker until it was completely dark and they were all too exhausted to keep going. They’d felt around in the pools of sticky coagulating blood. They moved around the bones and rotted flesh of the old body that had obviously been there for years. There was no toe to be found.

After having absolutely no sleep all night, and then going out to do all of the Hounds brother’s work this morning, his body finally just gave out. Steven doesn’t move from his spot on the couch for hours. He’s in a deep and much needed sleep. Upon waking, he opens his eyes briefly to see his father sitting on a chair next to him reading a newspaper as he did every morning before going to work. Steven wonders what time it is. It has to be in the afternoon, and Dad should be at work, he thinks.  He’s too tired to give it any more thought, and he drifts back off.

When Steven finally opens his eyes completely, he looks over to see his father still sitting in the same seat.

“Hey, Dad. Are you okay?” Steven asks cautiously.

He hasn’t spoken to his father since the day before when he and Chloe found the trail that lead to Misty. Steven had pushed the image of his father out of his head as soon as the lawmen showed up in the woods. Helping with Misty’s remains took over his mind completely, and until this very moment he’d forgotten about his father’s odd behavior.

“I’m fine son,” his voice is short and gruff.

Steven sits up and turns his body at an angle to get a closer look at his father’s blank stare. Again, there’s an icy glare in his eyes. Steven wonders how long his father has been sitting in this same spot with this contemplating look on his face.

“What time is it dad?” Steven asks, slowing his words even more.

“Did you know I am going to lose this house?” Mr. Smith responds to Steven speaking, but not with the answer to his question, and with flat unemotional voice. “It’s all right there, look.” Mr. Smith points to a piece of pink paper. Its setting on a miniature coffee table between the two of them. “The store hasn’t been able to pay me enough for months. This damn depression is eating us all alive.”

Steven picks up the page and reads. The legal document is from the bank and addressed to one Robert Smith. It states that the resident has one month to vacate the property or they will take all the possessions inside as well as the house. The document is dated effective as of three days prior. Steven sits still, frozen in place. This would have been given to his father they day before Misty was taken and murdered in the woods. Could my dad possibly have anything to do with this? Steven asks himself.


I’ll be posting December’s challenge tomorrow (which will likely be more festive lol). Thanks for reading through, and CLICK HERE for all the official guidelines of my monthly WIP character monthly writing challenge!

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  1. JennaMNeal says:

    That’s horrible. What happened with the publisher? That’s so scary when dealing with these places. They made you sign something?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ugh, yes, it’s awful! You never know who you can trust anymore. I signed a five year contract and passed over the manuscript (ready to be edited). Next thing I know they’d published it as is, and never paid me a dime of the proceeds. Soon after they even changed their name. I actually found out a couple years later that there was a class action law suit against them under the new name and the old name both… The whole thing was a mess. I was too late to jump on the law suit, but no matter I don’t think I ever even paid their authors after the fact. I don’t know exactly what happened. All I know is that they have been in breach of their end of the contract for years. I’ve tried so hard to get them to pull the book, but they refuse. All of the old email addresses are no longer in use, and the ‘now’ company name won’t return any of my messages. They did pull the paperback from distribution, but the E’book somehow still remains. I couldn’t even tell you who actually gets paid! It’s frustrating.


      1. JennaMNeal says:

        That is awful I am so sorry. Can I google them? Who are they? That makes me so mad. A publisher has mine but that makes me nervous. They did say they assigned me an editor but no idea what that means. So awful how they get away with doing that to so many people. Did they publish it under your name at least? Maybe if you have a book two you offer book one with it to get people away from their shady practices.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. They’ve went by Publish America, and by Star something… I don’t even know what they are now. They did publish it under my name, but I actually wish they didn’t at least then I could start fresh without a poorly polished works hanging on my Amazon back… if that makes sense! What publisher has your book? I’m curious!

        I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I’ve never heard of the Scrivener app. I’ll have to check it out!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. JennaMNeal says:

        what do you use to write and keep track of your work? scrivener links to my Apple items. So I can shift between my MacBook iPad and now my phone and have my book without trying to save it across places. It’s fantastic. I watched a bit of tutorials on it to get started. It helps me keep track of a lot of crazy in one place.


      4. Oh how cool! I’m an android gal, I’ve never really been too fond of I-stuff.

        I juggle GoogleDocs, Dropbox and Microsoft *face palm* … Totally guilty of saving across places. I have my stuff stashed everywhere HAHA

        Liked by 1 person

      5. JennaMNeal says:

        I think it works with android but not not sure what they have like laptops and tablets? We are total Apple. I tried the kindle and wasn’t a fan of the fire but I do like the paper white rather than iPad for reading. Most I’ve used android.

        Liked by 1 person

      6. lol I love the Fire. I have a couple of them, and I toggle back and forth between my side, and my kids side. They use the Kindle free time like crazy 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      7. JennaMNeal says:

        I always forget the name Entangled Teen although I always want to say Enchanted Teen

        Liked by 1 person

      8. Hmmmmmm I’ve never heard of them.


      9. JennaMNeal says:

        Young adult have an assortment but not sure how big they are. I haven’t submitted elsewhere yet. I was following agents in Twitter and their awful comments smashing writers really turned me off to being represented by someone who would do that so my choices of who I liked is small. I haven’t researched them yet. I should but been more focused on writing. I thought about finishing the series then going out and potentially self oublishing


      10. I loved self publishing. It’s so easy, but the marketing sucks. If you’re willing to do a ton of marketing day in and day out then self publishing is most definitely the way to go.

        I just signed on with Creativia. I was a little reluctant to sign over my rights… But, so far I’m very pleased that I went through with it. I really like them 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      11. JennaMNeal says:

        I haven’t heard much about them. I am totally clueless on the self publishing aspects. Business I understand and marketing but not sure I have the time and can see how you could spend so much time marketing it could take away from my writing. However if I see results from it that might be the motivating factor. I’ve seen things about you should have your series done first before so I can focus on marketing and then release to build a following which I’m not there yet have to edit book two and write book three. Thanks for the info


      12. YES! That’s such a great tactic! I wish I would have finished books 2 and 3 in my fantasy series before releasing the first book. Building your readership now with your blog and reviews before actually putting a book out is a big deal too! I did things so opposite, just dove in head first without taking my time and researching first. It’s been a beaten path lol

        Liked by 1 person

      13. JennaMNeal says:

        Thanks!!! I am editing book two now did 8 chapters this weekend I guess in the mood suddenly to edit. Appreciate the information knowledge and support it’s hard in this crazy between agents publishers and self publishing then add a layer of those who scam.

        Liked by 1 person

      14. It is tough for sure! I can’t say I’ve ever really been in the mood to edit lol. It’s possibly my least favorite part of writing! 8 chapters, that’s amazing!!! You’re doing so awesome!

        Liked by 1 person

      15. JennaMNeal says:

        Thank you! I am bad about doing my craft daily I spend select hours on weekends But I’ve found it’s hard to get back into it after a week of work and losing my focus


      16. JennaMNeal says:

        I am so sorry that happened to you

        Liked by 1 person

  2. JennaMNeal says:

    How do you manage two projects? At the same time? I have a started series that needs book two edited and started a third book for a different series. I was going to finish my new project before going back to my first series I don’t know switching between them I hardly have enough time to do one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lol I’m funny about multiple projects. Some people like it and some don’t. I guess I’m just moody, so I have to work on what I’m in the mood for.

      Try it out! If you like it then awesome, and if you hate it then you know that multiple projects aren’t for you. You never know, maybe taking the break from one to edit another will give you a fresh prospective when you go back to it! 🙂 Good luck, and congrats too! So exciting to be making such progress!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. JennaMNeal says:

        I downloaded the Scrivener app and so excited may be helpful to navigate between things. I just haven’t figured out how to sync my iPad back up.

        Liked by 1 person

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