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New Age Lamians is free today!!  Download your copy now, it’ll be free until the 8th, enjoy!


“Compellingly entertaining” – Cheri Roan, Amazon review

Jackson is scarcely a man when a rain of lightning heralds the end of the world.

In his world a mysterious group, known as The Company, delivers supplies into his village and harnesses technology that others lack.

Soon, Jackson is taken by The Company. He is to be an ultimate warrior, and the only one who can stop the Lamia: half woman, half reptile.

According to The Company, the Lamia is a monster that needs to be defeated at all costs. But is Jackson really the one who can save the world?

Praise for New Age Lamians:

“A twisty, intoxicating read.” – Denise Lucas, Amazon review

“Genuinely imaginative.” – Ian J. Miller, Amazon review


Dr. Brooklyn abruptly stopped at a solid metal door and turned to face me. “Now Jack.  I know you’re scared but I assure you everything is for the greater good and will turn out just fine in the long run. I’m going to need you to do everything I tell you to without question. You’ll be restrained and its for your own good. Please do not fight it, Jack. That could be a very large and painful mistake on your part.”  I stared at her wide eyed and cautious. She leaned in and gave me a quick unforgettable kiss on the cheek before shoving the door open.

My eyes wandered from one end of the room to the other. I’m not sure exactly what I expected, but I do  know that this was not it. The center of the room contained a large see through tank of some clear liquid. Surrounding it was screen after screen of some technology that I was yet to be familiarized with. With a person standing next to each machine. I instantly recognized the fact that they’d been waiting for me. Dr. Brooklyn pointed around the room at all of the people.

“Each of these men and women have a special purpose. They will be assisting me in your transformation.”

As she spoke, two men walked up to me and started stripping me of the comfort of my gray sweatsuit. My muscles clenched and I flinched in embarrassment. No one besides my father had seen me naked, and even when I changed in front of him he would look away.  Not since I was a baby being dressed by my mother had I been in the buff around a woman.  She passed away when I was 5, God rest her soul.  I looked down in shame remembering the warning not to fight. I wanted more than anything to grab my clothes and run, but not before knocking a few of these Company wimps to the ground. I held in the notion and wearily looked back up at Dr. Brooklyn.

She explained to me that I would be lowered into the liquid.  She told me to breath just the same once I was emerged as I do on a regular basis.  As she gave me instructions, the same two men that had stripped me of my clothes, fastened tight cuffs around my wrists, ankles, and waist. The cuffs were secured to a couple of bars to my sides and above my head by thin yet obviously indestructible cables.

Before I knew it I was being hoisted up into the air.  The metal bars were strong, holding me in place with my feet shoulder width apart and my arms extending out to my sides. The doctor no longer made any explanations. She turned her back to me and started spitting out orders to the rest of the room. I watched from above as the distance between myself and the floor exceeded.

I was lowered into the tank feet first. The liquid was a thick, warm gel. I wiggled my toes feeling the slime slip and then mold into place between them.  By the time I was waist deep I could no longer move my feet.  I became motionless and without feeling as I descended to my fate. Further and further down I was engulfed in the shocking warm fluid. Past my stomach and to my neck. I took in shallow breaths as the gel touched my chin. By leaning my head back I tried to keep my mouth out for as long as I could. The wet warmth engulfed the remainder of my flesh. I held my breath and opened my eyes.  Everything was a blur,  I could see the silhouette of each body in the room yet I could not tell apart who was man and who was woman.

I peered out of the tank in fear searching for Dr. Brooklyn, but with no success. I remembered her words to breath the liquid as if I was breathing regular air. I was now completely motionless from head to toe.  I couldn’t feel a thing aside from the weakening pound of my heart. The lack of oxygen was dulling my mind as I continued to hold my breath.  After a few more seconds I could no longer take it.  I felt as if my chest was going to explode leaving my body dead in this disgusting paralyzing gel.

I couldn’t take it any longer. Unable to part my lips I let the air out through my nostrils and took in a giant breath.  Rather than air filling my lungs I felt the slime slowly making its way down my nasal cavity and into my chest.  Strangely I felt as if I had been breathing it all my life. Oxygen was flowing through my body and into my brain as if I was breathing the natural fresh air I had taken for granted on an otherwise normal day.

No sooner than my body began to relax the pain struck.  The first needles were injected into the backs of my knees.  I could feel each one, long and sharp as they pushed through my skin and into the joints of my legs.  I tried with all my strength to move away from the pain but I was rendered motionless. The molded gel held me in place as the same pain was now being shoved into the insides of my elbows.  Followed by my neck and lower back.  I tried to move away and escape the torture, but I could not.  The mold held me in place as all six needles made their way further and further painfully into my flesh.

The excruciating pain of the serum was then pushed into my body though these burning needle tips. Thick like hardening sap on a pine tree. I felt it burn its way into my veins.  Engulfing my body in shock and fire. Every molecule hurt as the fibers attached themselves throughout me. It spread like a slow plague infecting my body with smoldering hot lava.  Though motionless on the outside I was screaming and thrashing on the inside. With every beat of my heart the burning pressure was pushed from one end of my body to the other.  Reaching my brain last.

I felt as if my head was exploding into a thousand pieces.  Like it was being ripped apart by rabid wolves. I screamed at the top of my lungs yet was heard by no one, as the sound was masked by the disgustingly thick gel I was being held in. My mind darkened as it clouded over by a deep gray followed by an ultimate darkness.   Welcoming the illumination, my mind slipped into a much needed unconscious state.


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  1. Wow, this sounds good, Didi. Going over to Amazon now.

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    1. Thanks Robbie!! 😍 I hope you like it!

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  2. Got it!! Can’t wait to read it! 💖💖

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    1. WootWoot! I’m nearly finished with the first draft of book 2!

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      1. Well, then I
        REALLY need to get to it!! 😁

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      2. take your time, take your time lol

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      3. … Time?? WHAT IS THAT?? 🤔😂

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      4. HAHAHAHA I honestly couldn’t tell you what time is…. I know I don’t have any LOL

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  4. Joe Langen says:

    Just read the preview. Sounds interesting. I downloaded it on kindle and am looking forward to reading it.You

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    1. Awesome! I hope you love it. Merry Christmas, Joe! 🙂


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