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An awkward silence of the tiny hallway only added to her growing anxiety. It felt like the walls were tightening, as if that were possible, the world closing in. Autumn felt as if the station wasn’t a building at all, but an airtight vacuum, sealing her tightly up into a thin film of shrinking plastic. After much struggle she decided that it was just the finality of the move that made her so on edge. She would stick with any excuse to justify the weird tingling sensation Chance had just given her. Reluctant lungs sucked the air into her chest, and she found the will to move her legs.

The U-Haul seemed to be much further away than it really was, practically jogging Autumn was determined to get away from that miserable, anxiety causing police station as quickly as possible. The steering wheel and seat again offered her assistance, allowing her to swing one leg in first, then the other. As quickly as possible Autumn slammed the key into the ignition, a purr of the overbearing engine echoed in her ears. Slow down, she told herself.

A scattered heap of papers and books sat on the bench seat next to her. It was compiled mostly of missing person fliers, a couple of magazines, newspaper clippings, and her favorite short romance novel, all the things that she couldn’t bear to store in the back amongst the rest of her random belongings. Autumn neatly straightened the stack and then repositioned her purse and the seatbelt around it, as not to disturb its neatness when met with sharp turns or abrupt stops.  A framed photo of Maylee rested on the top of the pile, kind eyes burning a hole in Autumns cheek. She ran a finger softly over Maylee’s hair in the picture, what she wouldn’t give to see her niece again.

“I will find you.” Autumn whispered to the still shot of Maylee’s face.

Then she picked it up and hugged it tightly against her chest. A lone tear finally escaped her fighting eyes. She closed them tightly, refusing to let any more through the crack.

“Please God, please help me find her.”



Since Maylee was abducted from her high school the very month of graduation, her Aunt Autumn has never lost hope in finding her.

It’s been three years. Autumn has finally reached inside herself and found the courage to track down an old lead, and travels across the country to find more clues about Maylee’s disappearance.

But will she be able to pry Maylee’s case back open, and what will she uncover in the process of searching for Maylee?

It’s a cold, dark world we live in, and Autumn is about to find out just how cruel it can be. But strength and determination are on her side, and she will do whatever it takes to deliver justice.

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  1. Laura Beth says:

    I’m adding this to my TBR in January!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wahooo!! Thank you so much, I hope you love it! 😊


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