“Celebration Party” Jan WIP Writing Challenge!

First thing’s first, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Let’s all make 2019 our bitch, shall we!? What better way to start off the year, than by introducing the characters from your Work In Progress to the world by means of a random party scene?!?!

For the month of January 2019, I challenge you writers out there to take the characters from your WIP and plug them into a scene where a “Celebration Party” may just get out of hand. With the new year upon us, I feel like I personally want my characters to celebrate it!

Have fun with it, as it IS a practice writing challenge, meant to polish your skills and introduce your characters in a fun way, apart from their original plot. So, there it is writers… WIP Scene Prompt for Jan: Celebration Party!


HERE ARE THE ORIGINAL GUIDELINES (Lets not call them rules, that’s just silly):

As the initiator: Every month I’ll give a real time circumstance, hang out spot, every day situation, or even something far fetched. I’ll post the exact scene/challenge the first week of every month.

As an Author/challenge joiner: All you need to do is use the characters from your WIP (work in progress), or even a published works, and plug them into the given scene for a short story style post. It can be funny, serious, deadly, really just whatever you want as long as it’s true to your characters (as in, what they would actually do in this situation)!! It’s a fun way to be creative with those personalities that you as their creator love so much. It’s also a fun way to introduce them to the world and your blogs, without giving away your plots and twists… Just pure ‘meet my characters, and get to know their personalities’ separate from their book.

How we work together as Authors and the Initiator:  I’ll do my own scene/challenge post on the very last day of the month (that way I can be sure to link in every joiner, and you can do your posts at your own leisure). Write your scene’s anytime you wish, at any point of the month. All that I need is your final challenge post link. You can give it to me in any comment, or even link me into your post so that it’ll pop in my newsfeeds! So simple!

(If you do just link me in to your own posts, then make sure you use a regular blog post to link me in with, rather than my pain page, that won’t actually give me a notification. I don’t want to skip anyone over! This particular post is ideal, but do your own thing.)



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  1. I hope I get to read some of these stories, Didi.

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    1. Me too Robbie, you should join in! 😉🤩

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  2. Laura Beth says:

    Oooooh! I’m planning on participating in this one, for the first time! I already know which WIP and characters I want to use. Thanks, Didi!

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    1. Awesome!! I cant wait to read your scene!!! 😀😍🤩


  3. kristianw84 says:

    I found you through Laura Beth! This is awesome, & I can’t wait to participate. I’m also looking forward to reading more of your blog!! Thank you for creating this!!

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    1. Awesome, and Laura Beth’s scene is adorable!! I cant wait to meet your characters, and read your blog as well!! 😊🤩

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  4. Christy B says:

    Great writing challenge, Didi! Such a fun feature at your blog 😀

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    1. Thanks Christy!! Its been so much fun!

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  5. Good luck with your writing challenge, Didi! Happy New Year! ♥️

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    1. Thanks, Jen!! And, same to you XOXO 🤗😊🤩

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