#review Murder on Tyneside, by Eileen Thornton #Creativiapub


4.5 rating

For all the death, life threats, and theift that this book is packed with, I still found it to be very light and inquisitive. As weird as this sounds, I felt like it was a very a lovely read. Over all, it was kind of a slow burn for me. I usually struggle with slow burns, but with Murder on Tyneside I didn’t. I found the pace to be cozy and comfortable, it’s a book that causes you to lose yourself in thought without feeling rushed. It lingers and smoulders in a way, and for me it was more of a test in joining the characters to figure out the culprit, rather than getting too emotionally attached. Regularly, I’d rather the emotional attachment in a book to stay connected, but with Eileen’s style of writting I actually enjoyed the overthinking that this book brought about.

Agnes, the main character is a widdow who is returning to Tynside for a visit per-say. She’s from this place originally but hasn’t been back to see it for years. Many changes have been made since her upbringing. The city as a whole has updated, mainly for the sake of tourism. It’s a beachside place that brings in all sorts of outsiders. Agnes had seen the changes on the news, but this is the first she’s seen them in person. She’s excited and nervous to see home, yet at the same time she’s lonely. She hasn’t travled much since her husband passed, and he’s always in the back of her mind.

The thing about Agnes, is that she’s a bit of a mystery junky, so when a very expensive peice of jewelry goes missing from a room at the hotel she’s staying at she manages to wedge herself right into the middle of the investigation. Almost imiditely she recognizes one of the leading authorities on the case. His name is Alan, and they wen’t to school together as kids. Although their years of aging and life sircumsatnce has lead them each down different paths, they still hit it off. What I love about the premis of Agnes and Alan is that there is a very clear attraction from the begining, yet this isn’t a romance. They do dates and spend a lot of time together as the case turns from one of theift to multiple murders, yet it doesn’t turn to romance. The entire book revolves around the mystery only, which is refreshing.

Now, when I say that the case turns to murder, I don’t say it lightly. Agnes is a nosy and observitive lady, so her input is needed and valuable. Within the first couple days of her stay two people turn up dead, and they’re just as connected to the hotel she’s staying at as the jewelry theift… but can they possibly be connected? Thanks to Agnes’ observations in people watching, and her tedious overthinking ways, the clues, although hard to crack, are uncovered in places that no one else seems to be able to find.

I really enjoyed this book and will most certanly be reading book #2 in the Agnes Lockwood series!


“Delightfully entertaining.” – Readers’ Favorite

Recently widowed Agnes Lockwood is spending a few days on Tyneside in Northeast England, catching up with her past.

But after only a few days at the hotel, an expensive item of jewelry is stolen. When more jewelry goes missing, Chief Inspector Alan Johnson gets on the case. After Alan recognizes Agnes as a friend from schooldays and they rekindle their friendship, Agnes begins bombarding him with questions about the case.

After dinner one evening, they find a body lying on the roadside. Fearing for her safety, Alan warns Agnes to stay away from the case; theft is one thing, but murder is something else.

But being an inquisitive woman, Agnes cannot resist getting involved… too involved.

Praise from readers:

★★★★★ – “A fun and intricate mystery with a ton of twists and turns”

★★★★★ – “Has the feel of a classic mystery, with a modern flare… A fun British whodunit.”

★★★★★ – “Lovable and entertaining.

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  1. Hmmm, I do like the sound of this. A bit of romance too.

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    1. I think this one is right up your alley!! 🤔😃


  2. Shalini says:

    I don’t like slow burns but seems like a good read, Didi

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    1. Thanks Shalini, I usually dont either but I actually enjoyed this one. It’s very rare for me 🤔

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  3. That’s a spooky cover! This sounds good. Thanks, Didi!

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    1. Isn’t the cover great?!? Thanks Jacquie 😊

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