Upcoming: Wave of Reviews!

So, I’ve had this day job of mine for nearly 9 years, and I totally QUIT about a week ago! That’s right, out of no where I quit my job. In all fairness I’ve basically been merely holding this job for well over a year. I’m the worlds worst employee. I get the majority of my shifts covered, and then I either call in or leave early for over half of whatever shifts remain. To top things off, I have them hold extra $$ for taxes, because that’s the responsible adult in me. My checks are squat. Seriously, I had one last year that was a whopping thirteen dollars lol. I’ve held my job just to hold it, and I finally decided that it was pointless… so, a just over a week ago I walked in and handed over my key-badge and headset.


Since then, I’ve made a game plan.

Step one: CATCH THE HELL UP ON THE REVIEWS I’VE PROMISED. In all fairness, that’s kind of the name of the game. If you’re an avid writer and reviewer (which I know most of you book-bloggers like me are, because I follow your stuff!) then you’re destined to be behind. I personally hate being THIS far behind, it’s destracting to my writing goals. So basically, this week and next week I’m going to be playing the game of constant speed-read. I mean, I have no job (whether I ever went or not) so I really have no exucse! So, if you’re one of the many authors that I’ve agreed to review your work, or even one of my favorite authors in general with books that I’ve had on my list for TOO long, so much so that it’s eating me inside, then I’ll be throwing your reviews to the world very very soon! Hopefully within the next calander month or less.


Step Two: As soon as I’ve caught up reads, I’ll not be taking any review requests or signing up for tours other than promo posts for at least a few months. Here’s why — Somewhere in the course of the last year I’ve lost my love to write and it’s become a hastle to me, a challange. I hate to use the term writers block, because I really think that term is just a load of crap. Nonetheless, I’ve become distracted and that just wont due. It’s time for a writing binge. I intend to dive into my WIP, only coming up for air when absolutly necissary. I have big goals this year and until I rediscover my love to create, those goals will never breathe life. So here it is, my pledge to change things some!


Step Three: Sort out my daily social media schedule. It’s time to stop being so hit and miss with what time I spend where. I need a little structure in my marketing life. Hopefully quiting my job will give me the incentive that I need to light a fire under my orginizational buttox and accomplish what I’ve set out to accomplish this year!!

Wish me luck, readers… it’s go time!


Aslo, don’t forget to check out FEB’s WIP scene challenge. There’s already been one participant over to the Yukunkerk Blog, and the scene is EPIC!! Go check it out for some ‘out so sea’  inspiration!


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  1. Wow! Good for you Didi! 👊

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    1. Thanks Shan! Big lifestyle changes afoot 😊

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  2. Best of luck, Didi. There’s no sense staying at a job that doesn’t hold your interest.

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    1. I completely agree! I think it was clinging onto that bit of independence that’s kept me there. Now, my poor husband gets to see me more often 😂

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  3. Mike says:

    Work always got in the way of my writing. You did the right thing!

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    1. Thanks, Mike! I think so too 🤩😍


  4. Shalini says:

    I hope you achieve all your goals Didi

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    1. Me too! If not, I’ll be feeling pretty sheepish 🐑😂

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      1. Shalini says:

        Ah well… They are cute

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  5. Congrats on taking the plunge Didi.

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    1. Thanks Benedict! It’s been a long time coming 🤔😁


  6. Took courage, I’m sure, and here’s to those plans!

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    1. Thank you so much, Dave! 🙂

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  7. Great plan. Good luck, darlin’!

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    1. Thanks Heather! 😊🤩😍😘

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    1. Thanks Laura Beth!! It really is a load off! 🙂


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