#review Be Kind to Yourself: Simple Strategies for Deaing with Challenges, by Jane Stockwell

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MY REVIEW 5 stars:

Be Kind to Yourself is short, resonating, and very real. Jane Stockwell has taken her life experiences, and her extremely well read and knowledgable past, and she’s placed them into this intricate compilation of truths. This isn’t your average self-help book, trust me I’ve read several… most of which are repetitive and cover all of the same things just in different words. I love that Jane has taken a different yet simplified path in explaining such a logical and powerful approach to facing life in general.

Everyone has their own paths to take, their own forks in the road, and their own roadblocks to get around. This book covers the reality that life happens to us all, and it’s in the way we face the changes, fears, traumas etc. that shapes our future and our sanity. There’s a straight forward style to Jane’s writing that really puts life in a prospective that you can wrap your head around. In a way, I feel like she’s taken much well-known yet rarely utilized aspects in coping and managing emotions and logic type books, and she’s waded through all of the repetitive crap until she’s produced something that’s as straight forward as one can get. There’s no tip-toeing, or nibbling around the edges.

Be Kind to Yourself is a book that can be devoured in one short sitting, and you can still take so much from it to use and appreciate! If you’re going through some down times in life, and are looking for a read that actually helps without feeling preached to, then do yourselves a favor and read this book!


Jane Stockwell writes from the heart in this series of short essays about facing the challenges of life, and strategies to deal with them. Rather than to let life defeat her, she instead chose to succeed. The lessons she learned to cope with fear, change, and loss and turning them into courage and mindfulness are applicable to all of us, irrespective of the challenges we face.

Often, recognizing the issue and separating it from ourselves can help to give perspective and open other possibilities we can’t see when we are overwhelmed. Face each challenge with an open mind, and above all, being kind to yourself.

This book is intentionally short, as the lessons in themselves are not complex. In fact, we tend to overcomplicate things and look for something other than the solution sitting in front of us. The reality is, we already know what to do, but sometimes we need a reminder. This is the essence of “Be Kind to Yourself”.

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  1. This book sounds like a real uplift, Didi.

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    1. It is! 🤩🤗 thanks for sharing, Robbie! 😊


  2. Laura Beth says:

    Fantastic review!

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    1. Thank you! It’s a great little read 🤗🤩


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