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Still Not Satified


Still Not Satisfied has a genuine authenticity. The characters seem real. Their problems revolve around the kind of family drama, sexual tension, and friendship circles that are common yet resonating. In other words the entire book is relatable, and although fiction there are actually a few things that can be taken away from the story that can help the average reader in their own approach to such issues. I really appreciated this type of dynamic in a romance novel, as it isn’t so in the clouds as some love fiction can get. It’s much more than just juicy scenes to get your panties in a bunch, although the scenes that are offered are great! The characters are well-developed, and the setting is well set.

Devin is a no-nonsense therapist who has put her career before any other aspect in life… including her non existent romantic side. She doesn’t jump in bed with just anyone, and she doesn’t put up with much crap. Her own family life is practically non existant, aside from her nit-picky mother who calls regularly trying to force a mother daughter relationship that has never been there. Devin’s mother is pushy and self-absorbed, yet as the story develops and draws near an end, the reasoning behind her mothers ways comes to a head.

Christian, or Chris as everyone calls him, is a playa’ in EVERY WAY. He draws no line as to who he will or will not sleep with. He’s good at his game, yet it’s that very game that has him so unraveled. His best friends girl is no stranger to his bed, and his history of man-whoring is starting to get the best of him.

At the start of the book, the two cross paths at a club. There’s a lot of build up, sparks fly, tension is completely undeniable… and it ends there. Devin refuses to even give Chris her name. She flees the scene and returns to life as business as usual. That is, until Chris walks into her office for a heated counseling session. From there it spirals. Devin tries to keep her professional cool, yet the connection they have is undeniable. Chris winds up doing a little soul-searching on his own, apart from Devin and her office. I love how it all turns out. I felt like it had a very realistic ending, and all loose ends were tied.

I’m rating Still Not Satisfied, by S.A. Brown a 3.75. I felt like it needed a bit more revisions and polishing over as a whole. Nonetheless S.A. Brown has some very clear writing talent and I’ll be keeping an eye on her future releases and growth.

Thanks to the author and R&R Book Tours for a free copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.


Still Not Satisfied

Publication Date: December 30th, 2010

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Christian Goodman loves the ladies. When an old girlfriend calls, it’s game on until her game plan forces him to the sidelines. While there, his grandmother and best friend lose faith in him. With no one left, he finds Dr. Devin Rainey in her own struggle. Christian enters her life only to serve as a reminder of what she is missing, thus, creating tension between the two. She fights to remain professional, but personal needs force her to leave Christian, too. Completely alone, he turns to an unlikely ally to assist him in his quest for satisfaction.

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Moonlight dimly illuminated the room as Chris stumbled into his bathroom. He admired his silhouette as he walked past the mirror. Even his muscular frame was sexy in the darkness. Chris’ self-admiration was interrupted when he noticed a small figure reflecting in the corner of the mirror. His mind had always played tricks on him and, lately, the occurrence had been more consistent. As always, when he looked over his shoulder, nothing was there. This time would be no different.

When he returned to his bed, he found himself alone. His lady friend had dressed and left without making a sound although she left a note on his nightstand.

We really should stop this.’

Chris chuckled. “Lauren, that’s what you said the last time and the time before that.” Chris spoke as if talking to her. He crumpled the note and lay back on his poster bed. Deep down, he knew she was right. It was just a matter of time before Ellis found out.

As Chris stared into space, he hoped he would sleep peacefully this night. Just one night without the dream. Please, just one night.

Christian James Goodman was the epitome of a beautiful African-American man. Standing at six feet-two inches and 220 pounds, Chris defined sexy. His chiseled body and broad physique got him a lot of attention from the ladies. His warm smile and mocha color added to his style. His light hazel-green eyes simply perpetuated his swagger while his strong baritone voice made the women yearn with desire. Yes, Chris had several physical attributes that men would pay money for and the confidence to use them.

Chris was a scholar and an athlete. Having won two state championships in high school and a national championship at University of Tennessee, he looked destined for the NBA. Yet, a shattering knee injury in his senior year ended this dreams.

“God had other plans, baby.” His grandmother reminded him whenever he got down about his knee injury. After two years of playing overseas, he came back to his high school alma mater, Bradford High, as an assistant basketball coach. Christian patiently awaited his turn, now it was his first year as the head coach. The job couldn’t have come at a better time in his life.

Chris Goodman had everything he could possibly want. He had his new two-thousand square foot home in Dunwoody, an affluent suburb of Atlanta, his SUV to be practical and his motorcycle to be relaxed. He had more than his fair share of women and settling down was nowhere in his sight, that was until Mama Van brought it into his peripheral.


As she peered into the darkness, Angela wondered how she had gotten to this point. “Why me?” She asked aloud. “What did I do to deserve this?”

She had not been at work in a week. She had not eaten in days. She lacked personal hygiene. Despite the numerous phone calls and messages from family and friends, Angela never felt so alone. Her whole world was in her one-bedroom apartment. That was where she wanted to keep it.

She pulled out her journal and wrote to the one person who understood what she was going through.

Dear God,

I have got to get over him but before I do, I will make him feel the same pain I do everyday. My plan is to use his own devices to destroy him. It will be flawless. I know I am supposed to wait on You, but vengeance is all mine, Lord.

Love Angie

Angela slammed her journal shut and slid it off her desk. It landed with a loud thud. Then another thud, Angela collapsed on the floor next to the book and sobbed quietly. Her body quivered with cold. Her muscles rocked with pain. She eventually cried herself to sleep.


Christian woke to soaking wet sheets. His plea for a peaceful night fell on deaf ears as the same dream interrupted his night’s rest. He routinely woke with cold sweats, a hot body, and a rigid muscle. Nothing was different this morning.

His cell phone sang Tupac’s “Dear Mama”.

“Yes, ma’am?” Chris answered the phone just as the lyric, ‘Don’t you know we love you, sweet lady’ ended.

“Morning, baby. I just wanted to make sure you was up.” Mama Van’s chirpy voice made him smile.

“Yes, ma’am, I’m woke.” He muttered.

“Well, ‘sho don’t sound like it but you grown now. Mama hopes you have a good day. Love ya.”

She hung up her phone before he could respond.

Mama Van was the one woman he respected unconditionally. It was the least he owed her considering all she had done. Chris loved her with all he was.

“Making love between the sheets.” The ring tone startled him. Since it sang the Isley Brothers, he knew it meant one of the three women he was “admiring” at this time. He told himself she would have to wait—whichever one it was. He did not even check to see which one it was. He simply rubbed his fingers over his well-groomed goatee and delighted in knowing he would have sex sometime tonight.


Angela stumbled into her bathroom. She slept most of the day. She walked past a mirror and despised what she saw. Her 5’6” and 150 pound voluptuous frame had lost its attractiveness. ‘Life is over’ is what the mirror taunted. After releasing a hollowing scream, she shattered the image with her fists. Her life was in as many pieces.

After a cleansing cry, Angela decided to pity train had run long enough. She showered for the first time in four days. Her need for revenge drove her to make herself presentable. She found the sexiest dress in her wardrobe and draped it over her body. She wanted something that would definitely get his attention. She washed and curled her daintily-cut crop. Once she examined her work, she felt ready for exact her scandalous scheme. Once upon a time she knew his number by heart. Now she needed to thumbed through her phone to make the call.

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About the Author

SA Brown

SA Brown is a writer in every sense of the word. She started as a contributing author in one of Zane’s Chocolate Flava series. After that, she was hooked.

Born and raised in Mississippi, SA began writing full time in 2010. She started writing one act plays and producing them in the community theaters. She completed the first draft of Still Not Satisfied in 2012 and actively searched for a publisher. After numerous rejection letters, she decided to focus on the stage. She traveled South Mississippi with her socially motivated one act plays using the Theater for Social Change model.

In 2015, SA moved to Atlanta and felt it was time to bring Still Not Satisfied to life. She found Prodigy Gold Books, a press out of Philadelphia and a dream was born. In addition to her novel, she has launched her own production company, SAB Entertainment. Through this channel, SA is writing and producing short films. In May 2018, she produced her first full stage play, Family Lies and plans to tour the Southeast with it in 2019. Always writing, SA just completed the screenplay adaptation of Still Not Satisfied which she will pitch to producers. Currently, she is writing a web series, The Inner Circle. SA hopes to start production in summer 2019.

With hopes of educating while entertaining, SA’s biggest desire is that everyone learns a life lesson every time they walk away from any of her stories.

SAB Entertainment |Facebook| Twitter | Instagram

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Still Not Satified

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