“Out to Sea” WIP character scene, Feb writing challenge.

Back and forth we rock and sway. Just when I think I’ll be alright another drop of the boat leaves my stomach in my rib cage, ready to crash to my knees with the next upward pull. I slide down the flimsy wall that separates the tiny bathroom with kitchenette and I wrap my arms around my knees. There’s a sickly film of clam on my forehead. I wipe it, side to side on my right leg as I shake my head in disbelief. I can’t remember the last time I was so sick… possibly never.

We chose adjacent cabins on the lowest deck, Lucy and I, trying to save a few bucks on the trip. If I’d have known a sneaky tropical storm would start a’ brewing so closely, I’d have second thought our room placement. The captain’s voice booms through a crackle speaker on the opposite side of my wall. I feel it’s vibration on my back and listen closely to her reassurance.

Although high in pitch, the captain’s voice is calm. “Good news, and again an apology for the disturbance. We’re far enough away from the storm that we shouldn’t be any more effected than we have been this afternoon. The storm has shifted, and is headed in the opposite direction, as originally expected. These deeper than usual swells are only temporary and we’re sailing straight for calm waters. Please hang tight, and we’ll be getting right back to the R&R that you both paid for and deserve. Until the waters and sky have cleared completely, please continue to remain in your cabins with your safety vests at a reachable location. Our staff will be making a round to check on guests. We will give clearance to return to the outer deck soon. Thank you for your patience.”

I groan, and let my head loll back until it meets the wall with a thud. I knew I shouldn’t have let them talk me into coming. I’m already a third wheel as it is. I love my brother Tim, I do, and I couldn’t be any happier that he and Lucy have finally decided to be together. It felt like so long that I was locked away, but now, since I’ve enjoyed the sweet taste of freedom again I’ve become restless. My nightmares and the sleep-walking is back, and the images are vicious.

After hurling up the last of this morning’s pancakes, I assume the fetal position on the violently swaying floor around my toilet. I squeeze my eyes shut, but as I try to think of anything besides the knots in my stomach all that I can see is Belle… and Mac. Even after spending time behind bars for her death, she haunts me. But worse so is Mac.

Behind the shield of my eyelids, he’s front and center. The bat that he’d slid across the floor of that basement, before swinging it through the air and pointing it in my face is now being slid across the floor of my cabin. The burning of his eyes as they pierced into mine while he pushed me up against my kitchen wall again lock onto me. Another wave of nausea braids its way through my guts, forcing my eyes back open. I gasp, filling my lungs with air. I gag, but nothing comes.

rap rap rap A knock on my cabin door pulls me from my sickness and trance.

A deep voice booms, “Everything okay in there, Ahnia?” It’s Telly, a deck hand that had a few drinks with Tim and Lucy and I after his shift last night. “This level has been cleared from lock down. No one is allowed to be outside on the upper deck just yet, but Tim and Lucy are waiting for you in the lower casino.”

I peel myself off of the floor, rinse my mouth, and give the toilet a flush.

“Thanks Telly,” my voice cracks. “I’ll be right out.”

I tie my long black hair into knot on the top of my head and take a long look in the mirror at my ashen face… Belle’s face, or at least what it would have looked like had she lived to be my age. I shake my head and let out a sigh before splashing some water on my cheeks and making for the door to find Tim.


Thanks for reading!!!!  Ahnia was pulled from my WIP Justice for Belle. It’ll be my next release, I’ve been talking with my publisher about the cover this week! I can’t wait to have a cover image and release date in place!!

There have been a couple of very awesome participants of the Out to Sea prompt for Feb WIP character challenge!  Check them out here at Hot Shot Headlines where Laura Beth throws a little surf in the mix, Kristian over at Life Lessons From Around The Dinner Table brought back Michael (the hottest husband ever) on a tour ship, along with the Yukunerk Blog where falling asleep doesn’t exactly mean you stay where you dozed off!  They’re all fantastic scenes with phenomenal characters!!  Thanks for joining in guys!

Tomorrow I’ll be anouncing the scene for MARCH so stay tuned!

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  1. Laura Beth says:

    I loved yours! Can’t wait to see the challenge for March!

    Looks like Kristian also made an entry this month: https://lifelessonsaroundthedinnertable.wordpress.com/2019/02/25/wip-character-challenge-2-out-to-sea/

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    1. Oh my, how did I miss this!! Thanks for linking this here, I’ll add it in right now 🙂

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      1. kristianw84 says:

        Thanks for including me, Didi. I loved your story! Can’t wait to see what you have for us this month!

        Liked by 2 people

      2. No, thank you! This month will be Romance, wootwoot!! I hope you join again, I love love love your Micheal 😍😍


      3. kristianw84 says:

        Ohhh…. I love romance! 😍😍 I’ll definitely join. Michael is a romantic. 💗

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