I’m beyond excited to be moving forward with Kim Knight on our short story collection!! SO AWESOME!!

Author, Kim Knight

KD SUSPENSE 2019         Long overdue, a story extended by a few scenes by reader’s request from 2018. Be warned this one has a lot of gore… you voted for it!

Author One Scene One


The voice is a blend of husky and shrill, like nails on a chalkboard. Alice cringes at the sound of it.

“Alice.” It repeats. “You better answer me, dammit!”

“Yes, Daddy.”

The rickety steel framed bed creaks as Alice rolls onto her side. She’s cradled by the dip in the overused and extremely stained mattress, that she’s been sleeping on for nearly twenty years. It’s the same bed she slept in as a toddler. A waft of her uncleansed flesh floats into the air with her movements. The sour pinch of the smell wins its competition with the week old garbage pile to her side. Alice mozies to the window of her bedroom…

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