About #Sketch Cover Reveal Tour… THANK YOU!! #Gratitude #creativiapub

This year has brought one big fat, fantastical milestone after another, and it’s positively fulfilling!  I’m overflowing with thanks this week, yet again, as I revealed the cover of another new release SKETCH!

A couple of days ago was the cover reveal blog tour, and I’m practically speechless!  I expected a few people to join in, and helping me to share this cover with the world, but what I got was mind blowing!  I can’t believe how much support my books have been shown this year!  I’m walking on a cloud of gratitude! I owe a “THANK YOU” to each and everyone who participated in the cover reveal tour, hosted by the amazing Reads and Reels!!  Check out all of these wonderful blog posts featuring my book, just WOW!!  (if I missed anyone then please, oh please let me know! The last thing I want to do is leave anyone out!)



When local girl Misty is found dead in an underground bunker, the town is thrown into a whirlwind of panic and speculation. Times are tough, but the spaced-out farmer community pull together as one, trying to uncover who’s guilty.

Thrown smack in the middle of the chaos is a group of teens: local troublemakers, but with good hearts. Although they’re innocent, the local law enforcers believe otherwise, and the true killer is lurking far too close for comfort.

Will the four be able to uncover the truth before one of them pays the price for Misty’s death?


Oh and P.S.

WordPress is being a little wonky. I don’t seem to have a spellcheck anymore, and the bullet points are all over the place haha. I don’t judge this post!!!

Oh and P.P.S.

There are still a few days left in April to join in on my WIP monthly scene writing challange! The prompt is ‘Road Trip’. If you feel like plugging your characters into a road trip scene then please do, and link in here!


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  1. A fantastic success, Didi.

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    1. Robbie, I’m so very grateful! 😍


  2. Yeah what’s up with the no spell check? Also, we love you and the cover is amazing. It looks great on our blogs 😘

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    1. Isn’t it frustrating!? Some of us really NEED spellcheck 😂😂
      And thanks! I think this cover growing on me 😍


      1. Oh didn’t you like it at first?

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      2. Not really, and I had them change it a couple times, before I’d approve it 😖

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      3. Wow! It’s fantastic!

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  3. You’re welcome. Great cover!

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  4. You’re very welcome!! Glad to help in whatever ways I can. 💕

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  5. So happy for you, Didi!🌺🌹😍

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