Blood Rain in Trieste, by George Henry #Review #NextChapterPub

4 stars! My review:

Blood Rain in Trieste starts out with a bang, and ends with an even bigger one. Talk about nitty gritty, gory and nasty. George Henry has a certain style to his writing that is different from any that I’ve read. He’s very descriptive, with an in-your-face attitude that shines through every page… which is perfectly necessary for the main character Milo. Milo is a nasty nasty man. In some ways he’s comical, in some he’s raunchy and a bit sexist, and in some he’s an utter mess with his priorities completely out of whack. I feel like I had a love hate relationship with him. He’s very twisted, and is constantly crossing lines that he shouldn’t. He’s a killer to the core, and although he claims to be retired as a hit man, all that it takes is a big enough dollar amount thrown at him by an irresistible woman to make him question his retirement status.

Milo isn’t exactly a well rounded man, yet he does have his toes dipped into quite the variety of waters. He’s a veteran (Which is really what drew my in! The war scene’s are awesome!), a club owner and a widower, and he’s in debt to his ears. Although I wasn’t really big on his take on the women who pass through the club and his life, I did enjoy the way he consistently referred to his late wife. The love he had for her is very clear, and the part her death played in the dynamics of the story as a whole is genius.

This book is packed with danger, double crossing, betrayal, and the twistiest of turns. It isn’t the type of story that you can guess what is coming, which is exactly what I love best about thrillers. I like to be surprised and shocked in a thiller and that is exactly what I got with Blood Rain in Trieste. I definitely recommend the read, and I’ll absolutely be diving in to more of George Henry’s work in the near future!


Milo Marchetti gets an offer he cannot refuse.

Soon, he’s in big trouble. Confronted by mobsters, religious zealots and police who think he’s a serial killer, Milo is drawn into a dangerous love affair with an exotic woman, and the depths of Trieste’s criminal underworld.

When shocking truths about the woman surface, Milo must choose between a deceitful lover and enormous power, or a return to his past life.

Or is there something else in store for him?

A furiously paced thriller with memorable characters, Blood Rain in Trieste’s witty, morally pragmatic Milo Marchetti will appeal to fans of Philip Kerr’s hard detective, Bernie Gunther, Robert Wilson’s fixer, Bruce Medway, and Len Deighton’s insubordinate Harry Palmer.

Praise from readers:

★★★★★ – “Fans of rock-hard central characters paired with deceptively vulnerable heroines in faraway places will hail this book as possibly the breakout action novel of the year.”

★★★★★ – “James Bond meets The Godfather… A great read.”

★★★★★ – “The author’s witty dialogue reminded me of those in film noir. How Milo navigates the underbelly of Trieste with its mobsters, prostitutes and high stakes will keep you enthralled to the very end.”

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  1. raistlin0903 says:

    This sounds very, very good indeed! I love the character of Milo that you are decribing here. He alone would be a reason for me to check this one out. But the story sounds awesome too. Great review Didi 😊

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    1. It’s a very good book, I think you’d like it! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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