Creativia = Next Chapter Pub

Big news about my publisher! James J Cudney (AKA Jay, one of my favorite authors) explains the name change and new imprint well. Read on for details, and check out Jay’s blog (and books) while you’re at it!

This Is My Truth Now

Today I am sharing wonderful news about my publisher. When I joined the company two years ago this month, they were known as Creativia. Last week, they re-branded with a new name, Next Chapter Pub. Not only has this changed, but they’ve also created a dozen new imprints to cater to specific genres for all its authors. On top of that, there are now foreign language translations and audio books being created every week. To top it off, there will be merchandise for the authors beyond their books. Perhaps you like t-shirts or coffee mugs? The possibilities are endless, hence why I’m boasting about the news today. Check out their new website here. The site just went live and new content is being added everyday, e.g. updating all the authors and books (we’re not all there yet).

For those of you who might not know, I read a lot…

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