August WIP Challenge: Birthday Bash #nextchapterpub


A text message from Tim snaps me out of that awkward place between sleep and awake. It’s a place that I allow myself to wallow in every morning, sometimes well into the afternoon if I’ve really outdone myself. It’s been my routine for years. Every day upon opening my eyes I lay there, as still as a mouse, trying to convince myself that I don’t actually have to pee until I doze back off. Sometimes I’m able to do this for a few hours before I force myself out of bed.

This morning it’s only happened once. Needless to say, I’m still not quite ready to charge the day. I scowl first at the clock a mere two feet or so away from my face as it reads 11:27. I then move my glare to the flashing light in the corner of my phone that sits next to the clock. With a heavy grown I rub the sleep from my eyes before reaching for it.

T–Wakey wakey, Ahnia! You sleepyhead you!

Of course he knows I’m still snoozing, I think to myself before texting him back.

A– Ugh

This morning in particular I planned on wallowing in bed for at least half the day. It is my birthday after all. Every single year, my one and only sibling ruins my plans of avoiding the world. Last year he showed up on my doorstep, before 8 A.M. mind you, with surprise tickets to a local theme park. He even went as far as to choosing my outfit with the usual goal of picking out some random guy in a crowd to try and hook me up with.

He insists that birthdays have some magical energy about them. As if going out on this one certain day of the year will change my entire introverted personality into one of super-magnetic gizabel powers. He thinks I’ll draw in the man of my dreams. Who cares that he’s only a couple years younger than me and just as single. Slowly, I push myself up with my tired hands until my body’s at an unsteady sit.

Ting, another message comes through.

T– Be ready in an hour, I have plans.

My head lolls forward, chin to chest, and I let out an exasperated sigh.

A– Not interested.

This time he doesn’t text me back. Clearly it isn’t up for argument.


It’s been an hour on the dot, and the ring of my doorbell confirms Tim’s impeccable timing. I unlock the chain slide first and give it an extra jingle so that Tim can hear that it’s unlocked. The aroma of coffee calls to me, so I mozie back to the kitchen for a second mug as Tim lets himself in.

“Well?” I ask over my shoulder, “What’s so important that you had to force me out of bed on the one day a year I have the right to do whatever I want?”

The door shuts with a click behind me.

“Coffee smells good.” I can hear the smile in his words.

“Yep. You’ll have to answer my question too, or I’m holding all the mugs hostage.”

“It’s a good thing I only like the smell.”

I chuckle and pour myself every last drop before reaching into the cupboard to fetch another heaping scoop of Folders to make a new pot for Tim. He’s helped himself to a seat across from me at the tiny kitchen bar. The freckles on his face blend almost perfectly into the slightly thicker ones on the backs of his fists as he rests his chin on them. An ever widening grin spreads into his cheeks.

“You picked the wrong shirt,” he teases.

“I look down at the Nirvana grunge that’s hanging loosely from my body.


“Speed dating.”

Tim is unable to hold back the giggle, he noted the darkening of my cheeks no doubt.

“My ass!”

I start off for my bedroom, prepared to lock myself in for eternity, if needs be. Tim throws is head back in laughter, and opens his palms into the open air as if to calm a wild animal.

“Kidding, kidding, kidding.”

I turn and slam a hand on my hip. No words, I only wait.

“Okay, okay, I give.” He surrenders, “I know how much you hate big crowds. And, I know how hard you’ve tried to be a team player for the last few years while I drag you out. This year is different.”

My shoulders slump a little in surender, and a little in gratitude. Although my belly is filling with a swirl of gratitude, I’m still speculative. Part of me can’t help but to think this is a trick. I make my way back to the counter, pick up my beverage and take a long refreshing sip.

“I’m listening.”

“No talking. I’ll take my drink to go, and explain on the way. You really did dress wrong though. It’s a hot day, you might need a shorts… maybe a swim-suit.”

I change quickly. Even if it is a trick, if we’re going anywhere with water then at least I can swim away. I love to swim. If it’s a pool, I’ll do laps. If it’s a beach I’ll find a quiet spot to soak up the sun and read. I grab my beach bag and throw in the latest Hoover novel that I started last night, just incase, and slip on my favorite flip flops.


Tim was right, the day is beautiful! He didn’t explain much on the drive, but when his jeep took the turn to my favorite lake I knew that it had the potential to be the best birthday I’ve had in years. Tim throws the jeep in park, and hops out. I follow him onto the dock and spot my Dad. Only my dad, he’s left Dorothy, his wife who absolutely loathes me home… in a fit of jealousy no doubt.

He’s loading one armful after another of fishing equipment into a small pontoon boat. We rented one nearly exactly like this the summer before my mom passed away. I’ve brought it up to Tim a few times in the last couple months, how great it would be if he, Dad, and myself were to go out on a trip like that again. Just the three of us.

I sigh and watch the smile on Tims face grow as I feel the pinch of homesickness for Mom fill my belly. As soon as Dad spots us, he makes his way over. A kiss is planted on my forehead and he drapes a strong arm around my shoulders.

“Happy birthday, Ahnia.” He beams.


Hope you enjoyed the scene!!! The characters I used this month were out of a previously published book JUSTICE FOR BELLE.  Thank you everyone who participated in the WIP WRITING PROMPT CHALLANGE for Aug!!  I chose to use a birthday scene, as August was my birthday month.

As it turns out. August was also a birthday month for Laura Beth with Hot Shot Headlines blog, who wrote a very heart felt scene. It was also a birthday month for the husband of Kristian with Life Lessons From Around the Dinner Table blog who’s entry made me fall absolutly in love with a romantic Jared (just wow!).  So happy belated birthday to them!!

Also, check out a couple more phenominal entries here:

The Consistories blog shared a couple of snarky, one of a kind characters in a comical birthday scene. Definitly a must read, my interest is most definitly sparked to the WIP here!!

The Yukunerk Blog draws us in with an in depth and insanely compelling surprise party where a new character is introduced. Emrys is the name, and in the magical world of Guild anything can happen… especially unique and fun surprises!


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  1. cosistories says:

    I loved this scene! There were so many lines that made me smile.

    “…if we’re going anywhere with water then at least I can swim away.” You go, girl! 😆 Just swim away.

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    1. Lol thank you! And thanks for participating too! ❤❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. cosistories says:

        You’re very welcome! I’m looking forward to the next challenge. 😀

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      2. Me too! Sept will be a great one! I’m posting the prompt tomorrow 😃🤩

        Liked by 1 person

      3. cosistories says:

        Yes! 😀

        I really enjoy doing these prompts. It’s a lot of fun trying to see how I can work my characters into these situations.

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  2. Laura Beth says:

    This is awesome! I love the dialogue between A and Tim. So good!

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